Bagua Map: How to Find Balance in your Home

Bagua Map: How to Find Balance in your Home


Does your home feel out of place, disorderly, or giving you stress or discomfort? Well, it is quite possible that the “chi” or “energy” of your home is out of balance. By using a bagua map, you can reorganize your home and find tranquility within your space. 


The concept of “Bagua” translates to “Eight Areas” in Chinese, and is a blueprint for home design. 


The ancient tradition of feng shui, uses bagua as a way to determine how to design a home. By optimizing the items and energies of a room you can improve the quality of your life. 


Yes, “feng shui” is psedoscience, but the ancient Chinese tradition has been used for years, and many people have vouched for its effectiveness. If you are still skeptical, that’s okay because you can also use a bagua map as home design inspiration! 

To Start: Use A Bagua Map

Bagua Map

A bagua map will help guide you on what each area of your home needs. For example, a bagua map focuses on 8 key areas that bring balance to a space. 


By prioritizing Wealth, Fame & Recognition, Love & Relationships, Health, Descendants, Education, Career and Mentorship into your home, you should be able to achieve “balance.” 


Different items and colors increase the energy of a specific trait within a home. For example, if you want to improve your health, then make sure the east most area of your home has a lot of “green” or “brown” items. 


To do this effectively, you will need to map out your home! 

Draw Your Floor Plan

To begin, grab some paper and sketch a layout of your home! Make sure you include every area including bathrooms and closets and pantries. An accurate layout of your home will give you a good sense of its energy. 


If you have a basement or a 2nd floor, then start with your 1st floor. Later, you can apply the same map/steps to your other floors. 


If you are tech savvy, you can also design your layout online, using a blueprint builder

Determine Where Chi Enters Your Home

Your front door is where chi enters your home. A front door that is north facing is considered very powerful in terms of feng shui.


The location of your front door will be placed somewhere alongside the bottom of your bagua map. That means, after drawing your home layout, you should also accurately draw the area where your door is located. 

Draw a Grid

After you have drawn your house floor plan, you will want to draw a grid on your layout. 


Divide your floor plan into nine sections! Think tic-tac-toe to creates lines on your drawing to have clear boxes for each area of your house. 

Label Each Section

Your floor plan should now have nine sections! Now, using the bagua map above, label each section of your home. Your house is more than likely not a perfect square. 


So, it is possible that your home might be missing parts of the bagua map. Some homes might even have extended areas increasing a specific chi. Regardless, having a rough idea of where each energy is located is important to determine what you lack or need. 

Using the Bagua Map Add Items to Each SpacE

Now, your home layout should have a grid that allows you to visually see the energy centers of your space/home. You can alter the chi of each space by adding items that increase the qualities of each domain. Here are some ways to do that: 

How To Design Your Home Using the Bagua Map


The southeast corner of your home is the “Wealth” domain. If you are looking to increase your wealth (income & prosperity) then you will want to add “wood” elements to your space. The best way of doing this is by bringing in green or brown items. Ideas include: a wooden picture frame with an image of a happy moment, lots of plants with big leaves, or rustic furniture like farmhouse decor!

Fame and Recognition

Everyone wants some level of recognition in their life. However, when it comes to the domain of fame & recognition, this space is really about how you will be know and “seen” by the world. Do you want to be known as someone noble, famous, artistic, etc? 


Whatever the case, to increase your fame, you will need to add “fire” to the southern part of your home. No– I do not mean actually lighting your home on fire. Instead, think warm colors like burgundy, neutral candles, and red accent pieces. 


If you want a luxurious kind of fame, then you will want to add diamonds, animal prints, and bold red wall art. 

Love and Relationships

If you are looking to add more love to your life, then focus on the southwest portion of your home. Perhaps you want to spice up your marriage, or maybe you want stronger bonds with people. Whatever the case, the bagua map suggests bringing “earth” into your space. 


You can do this by bringing in ochre into your area. Ochre is a clay-like yellow reddish-brown color. Another option is to use red or pink tones to help improve the chi in your space. Examples include: clay bowls, red roses, pinkish wall art, and terracotta pots. 


Good health is one of the greatest blessings of life. If you find yourself constantly getting sick in your home, then you may need to review your bagua map! 

The eastern portion of your home should have wood elements along with green or brown colors. By prioritizing this space, you should improve the overall wellness of the people in your home. 

Examples of this include: Stone items, ceramics, and wooden furniture. 


The descendants portion of the bagua map is centered around creativity and wisdom learned from youth and elders. 


By bringing attention to your inner child you stay young and bring joy into everything. Whereas the wisdom from your ancestors are a grounding force that provides stability and meaning. 


If you are looking for a mixture of childhood youth or ancestral guidance, then focus on the Western portion of your home. 


You can do this with: Metal items like wall art, pops of color like yellow accent chairs, or splashes of silver with industrial shelves. 


If you are currently in school and need a space that improves your productivity, then focus on this area. You can possibly improve the likelihood of passing a test, or get a much desired certification. 


By adding ochre and earth tones to the northeastern part of your home you can build up the chi responsible for personal development. 


To do this: Add earthy tones and books! Crystals or pottery also can help achieve your intended goal!  


There has been an uptick of careers that are “work from home.” So, if you are looking for some career growth, or work success, then start by improving the Northern part of your home. 


To do this, you will need to activate the element of water by using black or blue colors. 


Some examples include adding a small water fountain, an aquarium, or coastal wall art! 


If you have been searching for a mentor or want someone to teach you a new craft, then this domain is for you! By focusing on the chi of the northwest area of your home, you may come across the guidance you seek! 

To do this you will want crystals, metal objects, or items that are yellow, ochre, gold or silver! 

Examples can include gold accent items,  mirrors, and wire art! 

If you successfully optimize the various areas of your home then you should be able to achieve balance! The center area of the bagua map is met only after all other areas are met. 

I hope this guide helps you improve the chi of your home and may you find balance in your space! 

Email us pictures of your home using the bagua map and we may feature you! Thanks for reading! 

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