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Buying a home is no small feat. Many new homeowners save money for years before buying their first home. However, just like with any new and expensive investment, you need to take steps to protect it. Home security isn’t just peace of mind, but it is an essential investment for new homeowners. However, how does one decide what home security system is the best? Should you get a plug in motion sensor light? Or maybe, you should get a high-resolution night vision security camera?


There are so many home security options nowadays that it becomes hard to decide what you should invest in!

Which home security system or products should I buy?

The simple, but not so great, answer to this question is– it depends.


The FBI has a crime data explorer that allows you to see general safety concerns in your area. If you live somewhere that has higher crime rates, then you might want to invest in a more comprehensive home security system. However my rule of thumb is this: 

After moving into a new home, take a walk around your new neighborhood. While exploring, look for what your neighbors are using to protect their homes? Do you see signs for a specific home security company? Do houses have cameras on them? How are your neighbors keeping their houses safe?

By looking around your neighborhood you can get a good idea of what security features you should also be investing in. For example, If you see one home security company used by many of your neighbors, then there is a chance you could even haggle a neighborhood discount! This can also be a great way to even meet some new neighbors!

What we recommend

My number one recommendation is to have a variety of visible home security features, or to at least give the illusion that you have a home security system.


No, I do not mean spending monthly on a home security system with a home monitoring company. While home monitoring companies might be able to give you peace of mind, they also tend to be pricey.  If you have the means to invest in something like ADT, or something else, then — by all means– go for it. However, investing in a plug-in motion sensor light might be all it takes to deter crime. I’ve compiled a list of various crime deterring options for you.


Take a look at your intended need and determine which option will work best for you!

Easy security: plug in motion sensor light

Top Pick
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Cost Effective
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
Runner Up
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Top Pick

LEPower 35 watt LED security lights is our top pick for a plug in motion sensor light. This light is exceptionally good, because it has a 72 ft sensing range which is a lot higher– almost by 50%– to other competitors. This light is also waterproof and produces a very bright light of 3500 lumens but only uses a low-power of 35 watts. With higher quality materials and designs, this plug in motion sensor light is an absolute no-brainer.

Cost Effective

Our cost effective or “more affordable pick” is the LED motion sensor flood light by Dinglilighting. This is a simple plug in motion sensor light that offers 800 lumen of power, but only uses a small 10 watts of energy. This is a simple yet affordable way to deter crime and is perfect for a doorway, carport, or fence gate! If you are looking for simplicity and affordability, then this will be perfect for you.

Runner Up

Leonlite LED security light is our runner-up in the plug in motion sensor light category. This security light has a 70 ft detection range, and has an extreme weather resistance rating. This light provides 1800 lumen but only uses 20 watts, which makes it a very affordable investment. This is also bronze in color, and can look great on a variety of home exteriors.

Will a plug in motion sensor light deter crime?

ADT Protect Your Home states, “outdoor lights help make for an easy crime deterrent at night. Criminals don’t usually like to break down a door or bust out a window if they can be seen.”


Therefore, a plug in motion sensor light can be super easy to install and can be placed anywhere there is an outlet.


However, Marcus Felson, a professor of criminal justice at Texas State University told NPR, “Motion detectors are the best, but again the question is Guardianship are there people around who are likely to see or would the offender think he will likely be seen?”


So, in other words, get a plug in motion sensor light if you live in an urban or well populated area. However if you live in a secluded rural area, then a motion sensor light may actually assist a burglar to see better in the dark.

Level Up Your Home Security

Motion-sensor lights are a very simple and minimal solution for home security. However, if you are looking for even more protection, then you should invest in a high resolution night vision  security camera!

Security cameras are so great at deterring burglars that even burglars say that they avoid them!

The University of North Carolina’s Department of Justice and Criminology surveyed former burglars and discovered that, “60% of convicted burglars would scan for surveillance cameras before entering a property.”


That means that 40% of burglars would essentially be deterred if they saw a camera! Here are some of the best picks for a exterior home camera! 

High Resolution Night Vision Security Camera

Top Pick
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Quality Protection
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Design Favorite
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Top Pick

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is a must-have for any new homeowner looking for added security. I have this security feature added to my own home and I absolutely love it! This doorbell captures high-quality video footage of anyone that comes near my property. 


You can also speak to anyone who rings your doorbell from your phone! Live footage or live view is also accessible, whenever you like, through the app! My favorite feature is the Ring doorbell neighborhood portal, where you can see if anyone in your neighborhood reported a break-in or crime. 

Quality Protection

If you have a large property, then you might want some added layers of protection. I would recommend adding a plug in motion sensor light and the Heimvision Security Camera system to your property. 


That way, you will have various zones of security, and you can protect them all with a very comprehensive system. This system comes with four high-definition cameras that are great for a variety of climates. With reliability and motion detection, this is our “quality protection” pick of the group!

Design Favorite

If you are looking for versatility, sleek design, and home security– then the VAVA Wireless Cam Pro is for you! This camera can be attached to virtually anything, as long as it has access to stable wifi. 


With indoor and outdoor capability, this system (which comes with two cameras) can be rather useful. These have rechargeable batteries, and provide crisp videos and superior home protection. 

Other Security Top Picks

Unique Security
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Best Battery Powered Option

If you can’t add a plug in motion sensor light or a hardwired camera– don’t worry! The Blink Home Security camera is one of the best battery powered cameras out there. Blink is an Amazon company product, and is made with very high-quality materials. This camera has a 2-year battery life, and runs on any 2 AA lithium batteries! 


You can see, hear, and speak to anyone using the app as well! With excellent weather-protection and video quality– this is an excellent security product & it comes at a great price. 

Indoor Camera

If you want a high resolution night vision security camera, but don’t have any exterior outlets, well, you’re in luck! The Blink Mini is an excellent compact smart security camera and it can be easily placed indoors. 


Homeowners simply need to plug this camera in near a window and then place it facing the area you want recorded. This camera is also great because you don’t need to worry about changing the battery. If you are looking for the best plug in or indoor security camera, then this is for you! 

Unique Security

I recently came across a lightbulb camera and it blew my mind. You now have the ability to add security anywhere you can plug in a lightbulb! 


The VIBOOS lightbulb is the most reliable and discreet home security you can add. This is perfect for baby monitoring or for preventing theft. You can increase the light of your protected space while also record any movements! 


Essentially, this is a plug in motion sensor light and a high resolution security camera in one! 

Security you can trust

If you are a New Homeowner, then there are many ways that you can protect your home! For additional home security items, check out our shop. 


We also love hearing from our readers! What are your favorite home security features? Comment below and share your answers! 


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