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Answered: Why Does My Body Get So Hot At Night?

“Your body is an absolute furnace!” “I can’t sleep, I am too hot!” “Why does my body get so hot at night?” 

Does that sound like you? Well, if so, then you are not alone. Healthline believes that one of the #1 causes for a hot body is stress and anxiety.

Emotional stress activates your sympathetic nervous system, which then causes your body to get hot and sweaty. Remember that “flight or fight” lesson in middle school? Well, it is still relevant today, as stress is definitely a factor in increasing your body heat. 

I remember when I bought my first home, I was so excited. I was finally going to eat, sleep and enjoy life in a place that I owned. After moving everything in, there was nothing more exciting than getting to sleep in my new bedroom! Yet, even though I was SUPER tired I could not get myself to fall asleep. My body was just so incredibly hot and sweaty, and even removing articles of clothing did not help alleviate my misery. 

I realized that my mind was whirling. I was thinking about my move, what I needed to do tomorrow, and my body was exhausted from its all-day physical and mental labor. I didn’t even realize how stressed I was. It wasn’t until a nice warm bath (I know, a “hot body” in a warm bath sounds like the opposite of fun), that finally got me to fall asleep.

However, while stress might be one reason why your body gets so hot at night, it isn’t the only reason! 

Your Body has a natural temperature control system!

Hot Body Circadian Rhythm

That’s right — the circadian rhythm, otherwise known as your body’s “internal clock” also regulates your temperature! 

Dr. Joseph Takahashi, chairman of neuroscience at UT Southwestern, has studied how your body temperature directly affects the quality of your sleep. Dr. Takashashi states, “Small changes in body temperature can send a powerful signal to the clocks in our bodies.” In other words, your body naturally cools down to prepare for sleep and then warms up before you wake up. So, if your body is hot before bed you can expect a lot of difficulty getting a good nights sleep! 

But, why does my body get so hot at night — EVERY night?

If you find yourself hot before bed every night, then there are a few things you should check! 

  1. Do you take medications before bed? If you do, check the side effects of your medication. Some medications increase your body temperature making sleeping very uncomfortable. The good news is — with most prescriptions, your doctor should have alternative options for you!

  2. Are you having hormonal changes? BB writes,  “Any changes in reproductive hormones can impact the hypothalamus—your body’s thermostat—resulting in changes in body temperature. While approximately 75 percent of women who experience menopause also experience hot flashes, women of all ages can be subject to hormonal flux.”

  3. Do you have a history of thyroid problems? If you are always tired, or get really cold or really hot, then you may need to get your thyroid checked. 12% of Americans have thyroid complications which can lead to hot sleepless nights! 

Quick Fix: Say Goodbye to Hot Sleepless Nights!

We all know that the “Google Doctor” can sometimes be more scary than helpful. A few hot sleepless nights doesn’t always mean a scary underlying health condition. Instead, most people who are used to their body getting hot at night might be able to fix their problem very easily! 

Start By: Changing your Night-Time Routine

Social Media in Bed

If you are on social media or technology before bed, then you may have found the culprit to your poor sleeping habits. Social media has the ability to increase stress-levels, and the bright light of your phone can affects your circadian rhythm which could then increases your body’s temperature! Yes, a blue-light filter can help, especially if you can’t give up the social media life, but “no tech before bed” is a good rule to have. 

What if that doesn't Work?

I remember changing all of my sleeping habits which included: making sure I was stress-free before bed, cutting out tech an hour before sleeping, and taking a warm bath. I was super confident that my bad sleeping habits were the reason for my hot body temperature. But, that was not the case. Even after a better sleeping ritual, I would still break out into a hot sweat. I was starting to get hopeless. I asked multiple doctors the question: Why does my body get so hot at night? And as expected, they all answered with things I had tried.


And yet, even with all of that, I hadn’t tried perhaps some of the most obvious of things. I always thought to myself, “this is a problem with my body” and never even thought to consider my room needing a change! But guess what? Changing my bedroom set was actually in fact the solution to my hot sleeping problems.


So, if you have tried everything to improve your body temperature, then it might be time for a makeover. And yes, you are fine. The makeover is for your bedroom!  

Change Your Mattress!

I used to own a memory foam mattress thinking it would increase my sleep quality. Nope, sleeping on my memory foam bed, and then topper, produced the hottest sleepless nights ever!

Savvy Sleeper explains that this is because, “traditional memory foam is a synthetic variation of polyurethane foam. It’s dense and doesn’t allow air to circulate, nor does it absorb moisture well due to the compressed foam particles. As a result, it reflects heat back to the sleeper, which leads to overheating and sweating. 


Instead of Memory foam, you should try:

Coolest Mattress for Hot Sleepers
  • A Charcoal or Graphite Infused Mattress 
  • A Gel Infused Mattress
  • Innerspring Beds
  • Latex Beds

Charcoal and graphite have natural cooling properties. A layer of charcoal or graphite infused in your mattress will help cradle you, relieve pressure points, and increase your body’s coolness! Whereas, a gel infused mattress uses microbeads with cooling properties to keep you at an optimal temperature. If your body is used to being hot at night, then a coolant be super useful. 


Otherwise, innerspring and latex beds are also great at staying cool. Innerspring mattresses might be created by inexpensive, sometimes less comfortable materials. However, they are exceptional at keeping you cool. Innerspring mattresses tend to stay cool because the coils retain virtually no body heat.


Lastly, latex beds have natural ventilation which helps it stay cooler for longer than most beds. 

Night Sweats? Try Changing your Bedsheet

If your body runs super hot then you know the feeling of sleeping in a damp puddle of your own sweat. It is far from fun, and quite honestly, it’s also kind of gross. No wonder you can’t fall asleep! 


I never understood how important bedsheets were at keeping my body cool until I upgraded my own. People might tell you to get Egyptian cotton sheets, or satin sheets, or even silk. However, there are pros and cons for every kind of material used to make bedsheets. Instead, thread count, style, and quality is your best bet in staying cool at night.


Some sheets might initially feel cool to the touch, but actually heat up really quick. Others may be better at adapting to your room temperature.


However, instead of guessing which sheets to try, here are some well-trusted and reviewed bedsheets that are sure to keep you cool at night: 

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Change your Pillow!

Knowing the part of your body that “feels the most hot” first might be the key to how you cool yourself down. For example, my neck and head is usually the first thing to get hot at night. The second my pillow start to feel warm, then so does my entire body! If that sounds like you, then I am about to change the way you sleep– forever.

The Coop Home Goods cooling pillow is a Godsend! This pillow allows you to adjust its filler to be perfect for your neck and preferred pillow height. Furthermore, the fill contains a cooling gel that works really well. Not only is this pillow great at being cool, but it also stays cool throughout the night. 

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
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Your Cooler & More Comfortable Sleep Awaits!

Let’s recap! Start by checking your medications for side effects! Then, manage your stress-levels— especially before bed. Go see a doctor, and make sure that you don’t have any thyroid issues. 

Now, If you have done all of that, then you should consider investing in a cooler bed, bedsheet, or pillow! With all of these tips and tricks, you should have a drastically better sleeping experience!

Now, after reading this post, I hope you are no longer saying — why does my body get so hot at night? Sleep affects all elements of your physical and mental health. However, you have the ability to take control of your body and sleep better. Even Casper, writes that “the reason people “sleep hot” has a lot to do with design. Our core temperature drops by a couple of degrees during the night, shedding heat into the surrounding areas, and certain sheets and mattresses trap the heat and moisture around us.” 


So, the key to a cooler nights sleep might be as simple as improving your bed set! Give it a shot, as your cooler more comfortable sleep awaits you! 

We want to hear from you! Does your body get hot at night? What have you tried to cool yourself down? What worked and what didn’t? Share your experiences below! We hope a cooler nights sleep gets you one step closer to crafting the home of your dreams! 

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