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There are two home design trends that are taking over homes all over the world. The Bohemian look and the Minimalistic look are in high demand due to their simplicity and beauty. With some boho wall art, neutral palettes, and lots of light, you can easily transform your home to match these trends!

However, is it possible to have a home that is both boho and minimalistic?

“Boho” stands for bohemian, and the style is known for artistic visuals, unconventional designs, and lots of culture. Whereas, minimalism is centered around just a few items, with clean lines, white color tones, and functionality. 

At first glance, the boho style might seem like it clashes with minimalistic designs, but if done well, they can absolutely work well together. So, in short:

Yes, you can have a . Home

If the walls in your home are light or neatral, then you can easily add boho wall art to make an impact. Boho wall art should have one main goal:


Grab your attention with color, design, and individuality. 


A lot of new homeowners think that “color” has to be vibrant or bold to grab someones attention. However, simply adding textures and designs to a neutral wall can be all it takes to add a pop of color. 

Use Baskets as Wall Art

Baskets make great home decor because they are affordable, dynamic, and have clean lines. Boho wall art is centered around browns, reds, and earthy tones. Therefore, since most baskets are made with natural fibers they can be used as the perfect bohemian backdrop. Wall baskets are also super easy to put up, and are super light and safe to hang on any wall.

However, remember to use the color of your basket and wall to design your space. For example:

Dark Walls

If you have a dark wall or room, then you should put up baskets that are in their natural earthy tones. The natural colors will make the piece really stand out against your wall. Also, If you are using hand-woven baskets, then the intricate shapes and designs will add a nice texture to your dark backdrop.

Light Walls

However, If you have a lighter tone wall, then you can go bold by adding a variety of color to your baskets. For example, you could add colorful tassels, or paint the exterior of your basket a specific color. My personal favorite project is adding different dark wood stains to various baskets. The dark tones really bring out the natural beauty of the hand-crafted artwork. Plus, darker baskets stand out better on lighter walls. 

Small Living Room

Match Wall Baskets with your Decor

The next time you stop by your local thrift shop, try looking for some wicker baskets. You will be surprised by the options that you can find. With just some wood stain or paint, you can transform your baskets into wall art that compliment your home.


For example, you can use a basket for dog toys or a play area. Or, perhaps you want to add baskets to a shelf to store knick knacks that are laying around the house. Whatever the case, baskets are super versatile and can can be used as both decor and storage. However, my absolute favorite way to use a baskets is as wall art. 


Simply add a nail to your wall, and stick your basket onto it. You have a lot of flexibility on how you want to style the basket. For example, you may want to tilt the basket or turn it to face/show a specific design. Whatever the case– a three dimensional item to your wall is a great way to add a wow-factor! 

Boho Mirror

Boho Wall Art With Mirrors!

There are so many boho mirror options nowadays. Boho mirrors can be defined by their unique shapes, textures, and earthy tones. If you have an old mirror laying around somewhere, then you can easily repurpose it and give it a gorgeous boho look! Here is one of my favorite projects! 

DIY Decor

By using mirrors as boho wall art you should be able to create a multi-functional piece that is also easy to move around. Small rooms and spaces also look a lot bigger when you add mirrors to them. So, be creative and make different mirrors of varying sizes & styles to add depth and beauty to your room! 

When looking for new mirrors, aim for wood tones, and unique styles. Ideally, you should stay away from black framed mirrors, or flat frameless mirrors. However, if you already have mirrors in your home, you can use some tricks to add a boho vibe to them! 


Design Smarter not Harder!

One design secret is to use your mirrors refractive ability to show off an item in its vicinity. Since bohemian decor uses natural elements, you can start by placing a plant by your mirror. Even simple or minimalistic mirrors can add depth by reflecting the gorgeous leaves of a palm plant. 

Another option is to collect a bunch of different mirrors of various shapes and sizes and organize them all onto a single wall. There is a lack of uniformity in boho design, so items are allowed to clash with one another. Instead, the cohesiveness of your design is brought together by its unique individuality. 

Don't be Afraid of Going Bold

Boho wall art gives you a lot of creative freedom to mix and match colors and styles. I love pairing mirrors with my favorite paintings. If you believe in the power of balancing your home energy, then you know the importance of earthy tones and the color red.


For an office space, you can add pictures of your role models to a wall. Or, you can add quotes or frame you favorite book covers. The more colorful your pictures are, the better!


If you have a wallpaper, then try subtly matching your images with it. For example, if your wallpaper is a floral print, maybe the picture you hang up has a rose bush in the background. Designs like these work best for people who are not afraid of using patterns on top of patterns. You may need to rearrange items a few times, but with this style, placement is more important than the patterns and prints that you use! 

Explore Cultural Designs

The best part about boho wall art is that it pulls from various cultures and designs. There is a multiculturalism to the boho style, and therefore a lot of creativity. You won’t find the best boho decor at a mainstream store. Instead, boho decor relies on handmade pieces, or second-hand vintage charm. 


Patterns from India, Cambodia, and West Africa can all be easily brought into a boho room or space. Using mandala paintings, tapestries, or designs can all be used as boho wall art. Or, you can even add shelves to your wall and feature a variety of cultural books, colors, and designs. 

I love boho decor and designs because it really allows you to see the innovation of each home decorator. There are some colors and textures that may normally not look well together, but can look gorgeous in a bohemian-styled room.

Apartment Designs

For example, if you live in an apartment, you may be stumped with how to decorate your wall. There may be rules preventing you from nailing or painting anything. However, you really want to design your space with boho wall art, but you just don’t know how.

Do not worry– you still have options!


Ladder for Boho Chic 

Start by either getting a wooden ladder or making an easy one yourself! Then, find as many colorful blankets or patterned fabrics as you can. Lastly, decorate your ladder by tying or placing fabrics, decor, scarves, or jewelry off of each step . This will allow you to add dimension and color to various levels of your wall without adding nails to it! The ladder can also be moved around and adapted to meet your decorating needs!

Dresser for Decor

Another option is to push a dresser up against your wall, and then fill the top with decor. You can place a picture frame, or a boho lamp, or plants in cute pots on top of the dresser to add character. 

Lamp Shade for a Wow-Factor

Lastly, if you have a lamp in your apartment– try changing it’s shade! Pro-tip: Please save the original shade in a safe place. That way, when you move out, you can leave the apartment in the way you received it. 

Boho Black and White

Add A Part of "You" Into Your Design

I believe that every home is, in some ways, a physical representation of its owners mind. Therefore, it is important to alway have fun and be yourself when designing your space. 


Boho home designs are so creative and so unique, that designers can get away with bold choices. The possibilities and creative potential is endless. Boho wall art can essentially capture anything you want, as long as it is out of the ordinary. You can have fun with shapes, sizes, colors, designs, and textures.


Whereas, with minimalistic designs, the focus is on keeping your furniture limited to just a few pieces. Thankfully boho decor is so unique and impactful, that when paired with minimalistic designs, it stands out even more. 


That is why boho wall art and decor needs to be a part of your next design project! Take a look at our shop to get inspired with some ideas!


Thanks for reading, and supporting artists, bloggers, and DIY’ers! Creative minds like ours love creative minds like yours! Comment below with your thoughts, suggestions, and design inspirations– we love hearing from you! 

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