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You’ll Love this Design Secret: Boxing Paint

You’ll Love this Design Secret: Boxing Paint

In this Post: Learn how you can use boxing paint with your next large painting project!

Paint rollers and paint sprayers can save you a lot of time and are super affordable. Plus, painting your own home can be a worthwhile investment! However, many new homeowners know the feeling of running out of paint while completing a project. If you haven’t heard of boxing paint, then you need to, as it can save you a whole lot of future headaches!

Picture This Painting Scenario


You just bought a house, and you’ve followed all the tips and tricks new homeowners should do after moving in. Even though you got a good deal on your property’s purchase price, you are now trying to conserve some money.

New Homeowner Tip: Sometimes, new homeowners jump to making updates to their new house right after buying it. However, you really learn the problems with your house about a year or two after living there. If you jump to renovating things before knowing the home, you may end up spending more than you’d like!

So, instead– you decide to paint the rooms in your home on your own. You are not really sure how much paint you’ll need, so you make a conservative estimate. The less you have to waste– the better, right?

But then, halfway through one of your walls, you run out of paint! You say, “no worries, I will go back to the store and buy another gallon of the same paint!”

You come back to the now fully dried wall and finish the other half with the additional paint. Your room looks great, and you think: No problem, right?


The Dilemma with Running Out of Paint

The paint colors you see at the store are mixed in with a base color. Even paint cans with the same brand and color can have minor differences in their tint or hue.

As a homeowner, you may use one pint on a portion of a wall and a different pint on the other portion. Things might look okay at first, but wait and see what happens when the paint dries.

Box Paint Problems

Even though you bought the same paint, you might notice a color difference. Some people don’t mind a little inconsistency with the colors of paint on a wall. However, for me–a wall that looks even slightly off would drive me absolutely crazy! If you can relate, then boxing paint might help!

The Solution:
Boxing Paint

To avoid uneven or different paint tones on a wall, you should try boxing paint!

Boxing Paint is when you take multiple paint cans of a single color and add them into one large container. You then mix your container to ensure that the paint is blended together creating a consistent hue for the mix. Boxing paint will prevent color differences from being visible on your projects, and is especially useful on large surface areas.

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Then, anytime your container is half empty or a quarter empty, you can add additional paint cans and remix the solution. Boxing paint may seem tedious but can save you from creating an eyesore.

If you are painting the exterior of a home, then boxing paint is a must-do task! Home exteriors painted without the boxing paint method can look like eyesores really quickly! A home exterior experiences many different climates, and therefore even small differences in color variations are extremely noticeable.

Home Exterior

One of my neighbors tried saving money by painting the exterior of their home on their own. While much nicer than what it initially looked like, the result definitely contained many different shades of blue.

My neighbors were super frustrated because they bought the same paint and never heard of the boxing paint method.  So while they saved money by painting their own home, they had to go over their painting job with a new coat to fix their error.

Q: Help! I didn’t use the Boxing Paint method, and I can see the difference in paint tones on my wall! Is there anything I can do?

I recommend that you repaint your wall using the boxing paint method. If you run out of paint while only completing a portion of your wall, you should add an additional coat over the painted areas and unpainted areas. You may need to re-apply a secondary coat to really cover up any inconsistencies.

Many high-quality paints may not even require boxing paint. Some paint brands guarantee a one-coat consistent paint color. If you see a problem, you may get additional paint by telling the manufacturer of the difference in hues.

Was this post helpful for you? If so, share your questions, suggestions, and feedback! Lastly, thanks for reading and supporting DIYers, artists, and bloggers!


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