Great British Baking Show Kitchen

The Great British Baking Show Kitchen You Need!

The Great British Baking Show Kitchen You Need!

Great British Baking Show Kitchen

If you are like me, then you have binge-watched every episode of The Great British Baking Show while yelling “Soggy Bottom” and “I need a Great British Baking Show kitchen” at least a million and a half times.


I would love a dream kitchen in the middle of South East England, but instead I am stuck with some patches of less-glorious grass in my backyard. While I could possibly add a large white tent in my yard, I am sure Code Enforcement wouldn’t be too happy, and I think it would look far from countryside elegant.

However, there are ways you can mimic the Great British Baking Show kitchen without breaking the bank or living near Welford Park!


While I love the gorgeous decorations and retro-style fridge the show hosts, I am also a sucker for functionality. Therefore, I want to share some must-have items that you can add to your kitchen that will improve your quality of living while also creating a dreamy Great British Baking Show kitchen style!



Appliances You Need

There are many appliances on the Great British Baking Show, and without them– well, we wouldn’t have a competition. There is no way you can master all of the technical challenges without having a good handle on your appliances.

The first item every good baker needs in their kitchen is a brightly colored KitchenAid Mixer. I’ll be honest and say that I have been using knock-off mixers for years, but have always awed at the beauty of KitchenAid mixers.


There are many items that I consider to be “just as good” as their more expensive brand-named counterparts.


However, I finally broke my bank account and invested in a KitchenAid mixer, and I can not begin to tell you how amazing it is, and how wrong I had been in not buying one earlier. The long-lasting durability, reliability, easy to clean features, and incredible quality/texture of desserts this mixer produces is second to none.

The KitchenAid mixer also comes in the brightest most beautiful colors that, even as a stand alone piece, brings so much life to my kitchen.



The Great British Baking Show kitchen uses the KitchenAid mixer, so if you are serious about redesigning your space, then you definitely need to get one of these bad boys! 

KitchenAid Mixer

Shop Kitchenaid’s Best-Selling and Award Winning Stand Mixers!


Next, you will need a super clean, sleek, stainless steel oven! However, you can’t just purchase any oven! Instead, if you are a serious baker, then you will need an oven with a warming drawer!


Warming drawers keep your food warm, and if you are a baker then these gems are a god-send to proof doughs or to soften and bring ingredients to room temperature. Most warming drawers can be set to a temperature of anywhere between 75°F to 230°F. Now, if you really want the exact GBBS oven, then you will need the Slide & Hide Neff oven (UK Only).


However, you can find some other unique designs here: 

Even if you casually watch the Great British Baking Show or usually have it playing in the background, I am sure your eyes have caught sight of the bright, bold, and eclectic retro fridge.


The fridge in the Great British Baking Show kitchen is a model from Smeg, and it comes in various pastel colors. While I think the fridge on the show is gorgeous, and a must-have for a basement or second kitchen, I do believe it is a tad small to have as your only fridge.


Therefore, you can find various other eye-catching “non-traditional” fridge options to create a similar wow-factor!



Move to Decor & Design

One of my favorite scenes in the Great British Baking show is when the camera pans out and you can see every competitor’s gorgeous work station.


The green, teal, and lavender work stations, with their wooden tops are not only perfect for prepping food, but can also be used as a kitchen island! Depending on your kitchen size, I would recommend either getting a kitchen trolly and painting it with a bold and bright color, or getting a custom wooden island made like I did for my Kitchen .


If you are super creative and crafty, I have also seen some people take old TV cabinets, paint them, and then put a coat of tung-oil on the surface to make it food grade safe, and then use it as their kitchen island (note your dimensions and height when doing this)! You don’t need a marble countertop to add beauty to your kitchen, as a colorful counter with a wooden top adds a lot of character on its own!


If you don’t have any room for a kitchen island, or if you already have one, you can also add a colorful hutch to add some character to your space.


The Great British Baking Show Kitchen has a lot of colorful storage areas, and many people don’t even think about using a hutch for storing glasses, plates, or appliances. A painted buffet with a hutch can be easily placed on a wall, and can add storage and style to a space, especially if you are short on cabinetry or prepping space! I have a hutch of my own, and the versatility and style that it brought to my space, especially after some bright paint and new knobs has been worth every penny!



I love painting, and I think a nice new coat of paint is the cheapest and most impactful way to improve the style and look of a kitchen! The Great British Baking Show kitchen is a painter’s dream come true with light purples, blues, and greens mixed in with wood elements and shiny new appliances!


Sherwin-Williams has a “Find and Explore Colors” tool for you to find the perfect paint to add to your walls and furniture! I personally love tranquil aqua, forever lilac, and retro mint, as they look pretty close to the colors in the Great British Baking Show kitchen. Comment below with your favorite color choices! 


Affordable Designs

You don’t need fancy countertops or appliances to have a Great British Baking Show kitchen! Instead, you can also decorate your current space with various decor that can bring the airy, light touch of the baking campsite! 


My first three recommendations are: Mason Jars, Bamboo Cutting Boards, and a decorative cake stand! Mason jars can store colorful ingredients, and you can draw adorable labels to make each jar add a farmhouse or countryside feel.


The bamboo cutting board is a perfect wood-element that mimics the workstations in the Great British Baking Show kitchen, but without having to buy a whole new kitchen island!


Lastly, a decorative cake stand can be used as a centerpiece to store baked goodies or fruits, and the design can be a nice touch to your space.


My next three recommendations are colorful pots & pans, mixing bowls, and a kitchen dish towel!


Every kitchen needs pots and pans and bowls and a dish towel, but if you really focus on the design and colors of your kitchen tools to be like the Great British Baking Show kitchen, then you can add a tasteful touch to your space without breaking the bank account. I have seen some really simplistic kitchens that have a picturesque countryside feel just by adding colorful accessories.


Lastly, if you really want to bring the Great British Baking Show Kitchen to your home, well.. you will also need to look the part! So invest in an apron and make something good while you try to become Star Baker! I wish you all the best of luck and hope your kitchens can all look a little more like the Great British Baking show. Share your suggestions and ideas in our comment section below:


On Your Mark, Get set, BAKE!

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2 thoughts on “The Great British Baking Show Kitchen You Need!”

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