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Beautiful Home Decor with Cactus Aesthetic

Beautiful Home Decor with Cactus Aesthetic

In this Post: Learn what cactus aesthetic is, and explore how you can use it in your interior and exterior design!

Recently, after creating a guide to boho wall art, I came across something called cactus aesthetic. I’ve lived in California for a good portion of my life before moving to the East coast.

In California, I used to see cactus and succulents everywhere. Stores would be filled with cactus tapestries, cactus decor, and live cactus plants. However, I never realized that “cactus aesthetic” was a thing and instead thought it was part of the whole “boho chic” look.

However, unlike boho designs that focus on unconventional styles and cultures, the cactus aesthetic makes the cactus plant the center of attention!

What is Cactus Aesthetic?

Cactus aesthetic is when you design an area using live cacti, cactus decor, and desert-inspired elements. 

To learn more about this trend, let’s check out some examples below!

Outdoor Design

The absolute easiest way to have cactus aesthetic is by growing cactus outdoors. American Southwest states, “There are six states where cacti are abundant, namely (with the approximate number of US species): Arizona (83), California (35), New Mexico (56), Nevada (26), Utah (34) and Texas (91).”

If you live somewhere where cacti thrive, simply adding them to a pot is all it takes to create a cactus aesthetic. I personally love terracotta pots or handmade pots as they add a lot of natural beauty. Cactus plants are unique on their own, with intricate structures and growing patterns. Using a simple pot to house these plants will focus attention on the cactus and its natural beauty.

Minimalism Design

In cactus aesthetics, the cactus plant needs to be the center of attention. However, not everyone has the luxury of large spaces where they can design around a cactus. Instead, if you have a small area, you can set the table down and fill it with cacti!

Boho designs also tend to use baskets a lot, and adding a cactus or live plant can really make a statement. I especially love how this home designer uses a green throw to complement their design star– their cactus plants!

Cactus Wall Art

Every home could use some wall art! If you are trying to bring a cactus aesthetic to your home, start by putting up a painting. I personally love images that focus on one or two different cactus species’ unique designs and structures.

The best wall art, in my opinion, contains color, structure, and eye-catching visuals. Thankfully, the cactus plant naturally is an eye-catcher. Sometimes, using an inspiration piece or artwork centered around a cactus is everything your living room needs to make a statement.

Cacti Wall Paper

Another way to use wall art is by investing in some gorgeous wallpaper. Nothing screams cactus aesthetic than a whole wall filled with cactus! There are so many cute options available. I personally love pastel-colored wallpapers, but even small prints or natural color tones can look nice.

Cactus Kids Room

There has been a pretty big movement towards gender-neutral nurseries and bedrooms. Allowing kids to decide what they like for themselves helps instill creativity and individuality.

Cactus aesthetic is the perfect gender-neutral design. Cactus decor can be used as bookcases or toy storage.

You can also use cactus decor to add pops of color or create a desert theme for your room. Since there are many types of cacti, you can really explore creative designs!

Industrial Cactus Aesthetic

Modern industrial homes are becoming more popular. This style is a mixture of raw materials, metals, and natural colors. Therefore, the cactus aesthetic does very well with modern industrial homes.

Use a metal or wooden cart or cabinet, and fill it with cacti. The cactus plant’s natural elements, alongside wood/metal elements, create a very cohesive and natural look.

Brown tones and dark metals also allow the green natural tones of the cacti to pop. Therefore, it is safe to say that industrial decor perfectly allows the cactus to shine and be the center of attention!

Did you enjoy learning about the cactus aesthetic? If so, share your thoughts, comments, and suggestions below! Thanks for supporting DIYers, Artists, and Bloggers!


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