The Best Coral Bedroom Ideas and Decor!

coral bedroom

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A coral bedroom is perfect for anyone hoping to create a soothing and light environment. 


A bedroom should be a place of comfort and tranquility. However, as you prioritize a stress-free bedroom, you should also prioritize making a statement. It is absolutely possible to have both style and beauty within a bedroom! Thankfully, when it comes to creating a coral bedroom, you have many options for decor and design!


If you have been looking for girl bedroom ideas, then the coral bedroom might be the perfect pick. However, a coral bedroom can also great as a gender neutral room. The design possibilities of a coral bedroom are endless. And yes, don’t worry– there are absolutely ways to match colors, items, and decor with your coral bedroom, and we will show you how! 

Why You Need a Coral Bedroom in your Home!

First and foremost, a coral bedroom is very versatile. You can use coral paint for a whole room or for an accent wall. A coral bedroom can be the perfect coastal bedroom choice or could even look great in a boho inspired room


Coral bedroom designs are underutilized  but have the ability to really transform a room. Coral consists of orange hues and pink hues and is naturally bright, but also has some warmth in it. I have started seeing a lot more coral painted items, especially when it comes to front doors.  I’d like to think that people want their front doors to make a statement while also creating an inviting space. So, if people are using coral for their doors, then it must be a sign of its raising popularity. 


In other words, if coral paint can be used for a front door, then it can definitely be used for a bedroom! More evidence of this is that in 2019, Pantone selected Living Coral as its Color of the Year because it “emits the desired, familiar, and energizing aspects of color found in nature.”

Make a Statement with Coral Paint

Go Bold, Go Coral, Go Everywhere!

If you are obsessed with coral then there is nothing stopping you from going big and bold. Even an entire room painted coral can look super inviting and beautiful. The great thing about a bold coral bedroom is that all of your decor and accents are really brought out by the colorful backdrop. Ecos paint has matte paint under the name of creamy orange blush that could be perfect for painting a room coral! 

In other words, white trim stands out with coral paint, and so do plants and bedroom furniture! As you can see from above, the coral color works with white and black elements, making it a very versatile paint color for your room! 

Coral Accent Wall

You don’t need a lot of paint to make a statement with coral. A coral bedroom can look great even with an accent wall. In the design above, Karianne, from ThistleWoodFarms  created a gorgeous accent wall using decorative wood trim and coral paint. If you take a peek at her before pictures, you will see how this room came alive with a coat of coral paint! 


White and gold accents are also great at complimenting coral backdrops, and add an elegance to a space. When picking your bedroom paint, aim for a flat or matte finish. House Logic suggests flat or matte finishes because, “It has the most pigment and will provide the most coverage, which translates to time and money savings.”

Go Creative!

A coral bedroom ceiling is a great way to compliment a room with all white walls. Now, you may need to empty out your whole room and put down some tarps, but a pop of color on the ceiling can definitely be worth the time and investment! 


For one, a painted ceiling is super creative, and there are not many homes that use this design style. If you are unconventional, and like making statements, and hate being “original,” then why not take it all the way to the top (literally)! When you wake up each morning, you will be greeted by a stunning coral color welcoming you to a bright and beautiful day.  It really doesn’t get better than that! 

Coral Decor for a Stunning Bedroom

coral bedroom

Coral Bed Decor

Your bed is the star of your bedroom. Yes, coral paint can make a huge impact, but you can up your game with a coral duvet set. Coral bed sets have the ability to compliment other areas of your room, while bringing cohesion to your space. In this design, the coral color is able to make all areas of the white trim stand out even more.


Grey is also a great color to go with coral. Since grey is a neutral, easy on the eyes color, it doesn’t distract from the showstopper coral being the center of attention.


I also recommend duvet sets because they are easy to change out, clean, and update! You can also change the duvet to match any season/temperature!  

Mix Similar Tones and Colors

A coral bedroom does not need to have coral everywhere. For example, if you painted your walls coral, then you might not also want coral bed sets and furniture. Instead, you can get pink/peach or furniture that is similar to your wall color, but different enough to stand out on its own. 


For example, for the room above, light wood furniture and white decor brings an airy freshness to the space. The pink chair, throw, and lamp shade with white polka dots also adds a cute quirkiness to the space. While the room above is for a girl’s room, you can easily change the colors or patterns of your decor and still create a gorgeous design.


As you can see, coral works well with all kinds of bedroom styles! 

Girl Bedroom Ideas: Go Coral!

You can design a gorgeous girls bedroom with coral decor! Coral is such a bright and unique color, and you don’t need much decor to make an impact. Coral colored curtains, chairs, and bed pillows can really stand out in a a bedroom.


If you are designing a girl’s bedroom, and prefer really feminine items, then try matching your coral colors with rose gold! There are many rose gold accents that really work well with coral decor items. 


Another option is to use multi-patterned furniture, with coral as only one of focus colors. For example, the duvet color above has teal, coral, and grey in it. However, the rest of the room features coral furniture that makes the comforter on the bed stand out even more. 

Top Rated Coral Bedroom Picks

Accent Pillows

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Coral Duo on Coral Pillow

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You can’t go wrong with accent pillows, as they give a nice pop of color, and can easily be changed out. A coral accent pillow can be placed on a bed or on a chair. If you like high-quality designs and materials, then the Ballo pillow is our top pick! This pillow is handmade and created with premium cotton fabric. The Ballo Moroccan-inspired look is very durable and has a slightly distressed style giving it a lot of character and beauty. 


However, if you simply want a coral pop of color, but want to keep the price point low, then the Coral Duo and the CaliTime pack of two will work perfectly! Both of these pillows are affordable, have great reviews, and add a stunning pop of color. 

Coral Duvet Covers

Duvet Cover Queen,100% Washed Microfiber 3pcs Set
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I absolutely adore pompoms! There are many DIY projects where you can learn how to make a blanket with pompoms! Pompoms are super easy to create, and can add texture, color, and cuteness to any decor. The peach duvet cover by iAsteria is great because it comes in a set that includes one duvet cover and two matching pillowcases. This blanket is also made of 100% washed microfiber fabric which makes it super soft, lightweight, hypoallergenic, fade-resistant and machine washable.


With a coral accent wall, this duvet cover will help you to make a happy home! 

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My favorite coral bedroom duvet is the Eikei Chambray Duvet cover. I personally love toned down pastel colors. This specific duvet cover is a pastel blush which is easy on the eyes, and can brings some warmth to the bedroom. You can also pair this 3-piece set with white minimalistic furniture to create a simple but elegant bedroom!


Also, don’t worry, this duvet cover is naturally wrinkle resistant and it won’t fade or become even softer after every wash. 

Coral Decor

Our Pick!
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Every homeowner needs to have a colorful and beautiful throw blanket. Throw blankets are awesome because they can be moved around anywhere to add color to a variety of spaces. For example, fold and lay a throw blanket at the edge of your white bed to completely change the style of your room. Or, already have a chair and don’t want to spend extra money to get a coral one? No worries, hang a coral throw blanket off the back of chair to create a simple but elegant design. 


The best thing about using a coral throw as a design item is that when it is cold outside, you can just as easily use the throw it as a blanket! Don’t you just love multi-functional decor items? 

Baskets as wall art are becoming super popular! Actually, I’d even recommend using boho wall art with coral bedroom designs, as the styles pair well with one another! Wall baskets add subtle colors to a wall, but also have the benefit of originality, texture, and dimension. Seagrass wall baskets are some of the highest quality, and can easily beautify a bedroom! 

Another idea is to add a rug to your “all things coral” bedroom! A coral area rug can cover square footage, while adding a nice splash of color to your room. Plus, I can never think of a time I ever had enough rugs. You can move around your rugs, wash them, and their style only looks more beautiful with age. Wayfair also just has some super stunning and affordable Turkish rugs to choose from! 

What Colors Go with a Coral Bedroom?

Many home designers worry about picking bold colors for their walls. Even though patterns and bright colors can be eye-catching, they can also be quite overwhelming. If you have a small space, you can risk making your room feel even smaller by using bold colors and patterns. 

However, you might be surprised to learn that a coral bedroom goes well with MANY different colors. Coral is so vibrant and neutral that you get both light and warmth from its undertones. So, when pairing colors and decor with a coral bedroom, try out these ideas: 

Nude Tones

Dark browns, light tan colors, and even natural wood colors look great with coral. Coral is a natural element found in the ocean, so try continuing the earthy tones theme to create a eclectic aesthetic to your space. 

Dark Green or Grey

Instead of painting your wall coral, go for a dark green or grey color! Then, to create a stunning coral bedroom,  use “peach or blush” decor to create the soothing natural feel that you are hoping to accomplish. 


Dark walls help coral tones feel more warm than bright and overwhelming. Dark walls also allow you to pair light or white furniture with coral to create a harmonious balance in your bedroom. 

Teal or Light Blue

Teal or Light Blue is actually one of the most common color pairings for coral. Orange and Teal were very popular color combinations for people who loved the mid-century modern look. So it was no surprise that coral and teal caught on as well.


However, teal, light blue, and even dark blue colors remind many people of the ocean. So, since coral is found within the ocean, why wouldn’t you take inspiration from mother nature when designing your room? If you are looking to create a perfect beach home, then try using coastal colors and decor to deck out your bedroom! 

Do you have a Coral Bedroom?

We want to hear from you! Do you have a coral bedroom? Do you have a bedroom design secret, or favorite color? If so, comment below and share your feedback! If you email us a picture of your coral bedroom, we may even feature you here on our blogs!

Thanks for Making a Happy Home alongside us! 

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