Fall Front Porch Decorations

The Best Front Door and Porch Decorations for Fall

The Best Front Door and Porch Decorations for Fall

Fall Front Porch Decorations

Fall is one of the most gorgeous times of the year! The trees change colors, the weather becomes cooler, and there are many holidays to celebrate!

I grew up on the West Coast, and rarely got to appreciate the spectacle of seasons changing. However, after moving to New England– I have become obsessed with the seasons.

Out of all the seasons, there is nothing as wholesome as eating apple pie, drinking pumpkin spiced lattes, and wearing colorful flannels in the Fall. 

A few years ago I got to spend Fall in Vermont and got to look at this gorgeous view for days: 

Fall Autumn

Fall-time is a mood.

Just like Christmas-time, Autumn has its own style with creative decorations and festivities. During the fall months, many neighborhoods decorate their front porches in honor of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and even the “Back to School” spirit. 

This year, I am committing to decorating the front of my home to celebrate my favorite season! 

If you also love Fall, and want to add some decorations this season, then let’s explore some styles together! 

Multi-Purpose Decor is my absolute favorite! 

You can decorate your front porch to be “Fall Themed” by re-using some of the materials found in your garden! For example, Tomato cages make great fall front porch decorations! Take your tomato cages and fill them with gourds, leaves, and mini-pumpkins!


Some people even use tomato cages to make snowmen in the winter! Then, by early spring you can move your tomato cages back to your garden! 

Bring Life to your Fall Porch with Flowers

I am always on the hunt for easy to grow flowers. There is nothing more beautiful than a front door and porch decorated by natural elements.

Mums are my absolute favorite Fall flower, and I think they look stunning on any front porch or window sill. Don’t get tricked into buying the largest mum plant at a garden center! Buy a smaller pot, and watch how quickly your mums grow! If your mums outgrow their pot, then transplant them! 

Decorate with a Door Mat

Welcome your guests at your front door by adding a fall-themed door mat! There are door mats for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Back to school and so much more. I love mats that have puns on them, or create an inviting warm vibe.


You can’t do fall decorating for your door or porch without a door mat! 

Add some Spook to your Front Door

Fall brings out orange, yellow, and red decorations which is a sure sign that Halloween is around the corner! Fall front porch decorations  can be anything from warm and inviting to dark and spooky! 


I love blending Fall flavors with spooky decorations which brings joy to parents and their kiddos! I believe that front porch decorations are a great way to treat the community– or, if you prefer– trick them! 

Add some Lighting To your Front Door and Porch

Anyone that knows me knows that I love lighting! Fall decorating does not have to only look beautiful in the day. You can add a lot of character by adding some lights to your front porch. I absolutely adore mason jar lighting due to their simplicity, affordability, and multi-functional purpose! 


However, by changing the lightbulbs next to your front door, or adding lights to your stairway, you can really bring your fall decorating to a new level! 

Create Multi-Seasonal Decorations

Everyone loves reusing decorations for additional celebrations! You can make a multi-seasonal Fall decoration that can then be turned around and used as a winter decoration!


You will need some rounded wood, paint, and creativity! This project is super affordable, fun to do with kids, and absolutely adorable! You can place this craft on your window sill, on a table, on your porch, or near your front door! The possibilities are endless (I have even seen someone who painted their house number on each circle!) 

Add some Farmhouse Charm

Farmhouse Chic has become very popular in home design. The rustic elements of farmhouse decor already screams Fall, but you can easily add to the charm. Straw bale can be a great base to stick crafts into. Then, white-washed items, and tin storage items can really bring fall decorating together. If you have a white door (or even a colorful door), you can match fall decorations with it to bring uniformity and style! 

DIY a Fall Wreath for your Door 

The absolute best way to decorate your front door for the fall season is by hanging a wreath! I personally love wreaths with flowers, as they bring a lot of color and style to a front door. If you have a garden, then you can also add dried flowers, or artificial flowers to make a custom wreath.


I am obsessed with peonies, as mentioned in my easy to grow post, so any time I get a chance to use those beauties– I don’t hold back!


I’d recommend making a wreath on your own using grapevine, and some fall flowers and leaves.  Wreaths also make great gifts, and the design possibilities are endless! 

Use Your Gardening Supplies as Decor

At the end of spring, I retire some garden tools, and bring others to the front. Depending on your storage space, a wheelbarrow can take up a lot of space. Therefore, I love using my wheelbarrow as a fall decoration for my front porch. I fill the wheelbarrow with flowers that match my front door, along with signs that welcome the new season. 


You can also use tools like rakes and pots as decorations. Then, when you need them, you use your decorations to rake up leaves! 

Send a Message of Love

Instead of making a wreath, you can also make a sign for your door! Fall decorating for your front door can include: hanging a garland, writing a seasonal message, painting your door, or hanging various DIY projects up! 


Making a sign allows you to be creative, and you can design a piece that really speaks to you. I have seen fall inspired door signs that include a family name, a positive message, or various pictures. The options are endless! 

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