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Help! My Fiddle Leaf Fig Is Not Growing New Leaves: What Do I Do?

Fiddle leaf figs are certainly awesome house plants, but they occasionally give people problems. For example, people are occasionally disappointed that their new fiddle leaf fig is not growing new leaves.

Don’t worry! We’ll explain a few reasons your fig isn’t producing new foliage so you can make adjustments as necessary.

Reason #1 Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Is Not Growing New Leaves: Improper Watering

Fiddle Leaf Fig Watering

Proper moisture levels are critical for the health of your new fiddle leaf fig. There’s no quick-and-easy way to explain how much water to provide, so we recommend using a soil moisture probe, as it’ll eliminate a lot of the guesswork you may have to do.

Also, be sure to watch your plant – it will tell you when it needs more water, as the leaves will begin drooping. Just be careful that you don’t provide too much water at a time, as this can be just as bad for the plant as too little water. Add a bit of water, take a look at the leaves the next day, and add some more if necessary.

Once you get the soil moisture level right, you’re more likely to find your fiddle leaf fig producing more leaves. 

Reason #2 Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Is Not Growing New Leaves: Insufficient Light


The right amount of light is just as important as the moisture of your fiddle leaf fig. We would suggest placing your new plant near a window that faces the south or west, as this will provide your fig with the best natural light.


If you’re able to put your fiddle leaf fig in direct sunlight outside for a few hours a day, that’s even better! It will thank you by leafing out quicker and fuller than you’d hoped.


Remember that if it’s raining or too dry outside, however, it could potentially do more harm than good. Just as it’s crucial to provide the appropriate moisture in the soil, you also want to keep the moisture in the air (the relative humidity level) just right. Make sure to check the weather forecast before deciding to place your fig on the porch. Your weekly errands can wait a few minutes.


Worst case scenario, you can always keep your plant inside by the windows on those days and appreciate how much beauty it adds to your already fabulous home.


If you live in a home with few or no windows to offer the sunlight you need, there are many styles of lamps you could purchase that are designed specifically for indoor plants.

Reason #3 Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Is Not Growing New Leaves: The Pot Is Too Small

Plant Pot

Finding the perfect sized pot for your fiddle leaf fig shouldn’t be terribly difficult. Start small, and as your leafy friend grows, you can easily replant it in a new pot. Give it plenty of room to allow the roots to spread out, which will, in turn, allow your plant to reach its full potential. Doing this will also allow you to select a pot color and design scheme you like. This will give you yet another way to tweak your home décor any time you redecorate.

We recommend using a cork mat under your plant pots to keep dripping water from ruining your floors. Our plants love water. Our floors do not!

And adding a higher-quality fertilizer to the potting soil can also prove beneficial. When those fiddle leaf figs start producing beautiful plump leaves, you’ll be glad you did!

Don't have a Green Thumb? Think Again!

Don’t feel bad if your fiddle leaf fig is not growing new leaves – it’s a common problem many people face. Just check for the problems we’ve discussed above and make any adjustments necessary. With a bit of luck and some tweaks to your houseplant-care routine, your fiddle leaf fig should be producing new foliage and looking fantastic in no time!

If you already have your fiddle leaf fig, let us know in the comments what tricks have worked for you over time. We love to share ideas on how to keep our homes and everything inside of them thriving with us through life.

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