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Design Tricks: Home Office Feng Shui made Easy

Design Tricks: Home Office Feng Shui made Easy

In this Post: You will learn how to master home office feng shui! We will teach you what feng shui is, how to use a Bagua map, and various other design principles!

I recently learned about using feng shui in home design. So, I started thinking about a space in my home that could really benefit in terms of feng shui. Then, I had it! With the rise of people working from home, the home office space was gaining traction. I also just watched an episode of  Love It or List It where a couple on the show only considered houses with a designated office space. So, I started to ask myself:

What were the requirements for a home office feng shui?

Thankfully, I did all the research for you, so if you have the same question, you’ll find your answer below!

What is Feng Shui?

Essentially, in Chinese tradition, every item has its own “Chi.” Chi is defined as a life force or electromagnetic energy. So when a home designer moves or sets an item down, they alter the chi of their space. Different chi’s interact with one another to create overall energy in a room. Therefore, by having a balanced or “positive chi” in a space, you would also have strong feng shui!

I like to think of this concept as cooking. Each ingredient in a dish has its own flavor and complexity. However, how you cook your ingredients determines the flavor of your dish.

Therefore, chi can work similarly by giving your home the balance that it needs.

The right mix of ingredients gives a great flavor, whereas the same ingredients in the wrong order can ruin a dish.

Home Office Feng Shui Tool

Bagua Map

A Bagua map is a blueprint for the various energy spaces in your home. Bagua translates to “eight areas” in Chinese. Each area on the Bagua map refers to a specific space that promotes unique energy for your home.

The Eight Bagua focus areas are: 

  1. Wealth
  2. Fame & Recognition
  3. Love & Relationships
  4. Health
  5. Descendants
  6. Education
  7. Career
  8. Mentor

If you have all of these areas met, then you should be able to unlock a “central balance” in your home. To determine how to optimize each space, use a Bagua map to help you!

How to bring Feng Shui to a Home Office

Depending on the Bagua map, you will want to prioritize “education” and “career” in your home office. Essentially, home office feng shui requires a “chi” that increases productivity and success.

Ideally, your home office will be located either in the North or Northeastern part of your home. However, if your home office is elsewhere, you can still increase your space’s positive energy.

To Start: Clear your Office Space

Home office feng shui is all about decluttering and using what you have to its greatest potential. So, by emptying your room, you will able to redecorate with neutral energy.

After your space is clear, you will prioritize six things for a strong home office feng shui.

Six Essentials for Feng Shui


First, set your intention for space. Is this a place of learning, a place of collaboration, or a safe space to getaway? Will this space be only for you, or will you be sharing it? Knowing the purpose behind your space allows you to plan around what chi you want to increase.


If you want your home office to help you increase your wealth, you will need to add a lot of green or browns to the space. If you are looking for mentorship, then metals will be required. By knowing your space’s function, you can use a Bagua map to really increase your intended purpose.


“Chi” is another word for energy. As mentioned earlier, you will really want to think about the energy you intend to bring into your space. Mixing conflicting energies might create disorganized or negative energy. So, look at the furniture and items you want for your home office, and really prioritize the ones that give off the right energy.


Light, especially natural light, is essential for strong feng shui. If you have a window in your room, then your office has great chi potential. However, not every office will be lucky enough to have a window. So, make sure you have light fixtures or lamps that provide natural soothing light. I will always advocate for LED lights, as they save tons of money, but picking one that isn’t blinding is key!


An essential part of home office feng shui is ensuring a lack of clutter. Office space can quickly become filled with paper and unnecessary supplies. Therefore, having drawers, shelves, and a variety of storage options is recommended.


There is a level of peace and tranquility within feng shui. Therefore, when it comes to your home office, you will want to think about the items that give you peace. For example, you may want to put up a painting from your favorite artist. If you have a diploma, you might want to frame it. If you have pictures of yourself happy and successful, you may want to save them for this space!

Start Decorating!

Office Plants

Quality Air quality and Natural Light are a must for home office feng shui.

To improve the air quality of a space, you should add air-purifying plants to the area. The spider plant, aloe vera, and snake plant are all excellent plant purifiers. However, my absolute favorite air purifier is the Fiddle Leaf Fig!

Regardless of what plant you use, having life thrive in your home office will also provide you with positive energy.

Along with healthy air-purifying plants, you will need natural light. Ideally, your office will have a window that provides some sunlight. However, some lamps provide a natural daylight feel. If you live somewhere with snowy winters, then a happy lamp can make all the difference.

A smaller office can include succulents or desk plants alongside a table lamp!

Feng shui yellow

Focus Your Chi

You will want to prioritize the North, South, and South East areas of your office. By doing so, you will prioritize the “chi” of career, fame and recognition, and wealth. If you are currently in school, you can also focus on the northeastern part of the room.

Your home office’s South area is the “light in the world,” so prioritize reds/orange/yellow. Avoid using items that have blue. I would recommend using an accent chair or wall art that uses red or yellow.

The Southeast corner of your office is known as the space for “abundance.” This is what will help increase your wealth. In this part of the room, add wood elements and plants with big leaves. You should also add a picture frame of a moment where you achieved something great!

The Northern area is quite possibly the most important for home office feng shui. For this space, you will want to use metal items and water. I would recommend a metal lamp or metal storage unit. Water is hard to add to a space, but you can do so with a fish tank or wall art.

Final Tips: Home Office Feng Shui

#1 make sure there are no windows behind you!


#2 Never have your Back to a Door

Home Office

#3 Don’t have your home office in the same room as your bed

#4 Pick decks and furniture without sharp corners/edges

Feng Shui Cute

#5 Put Up Wall Art that Motivates and Inspires You

Wall Art

When designing your home office, you may also want to focus on a minimalist desk that is efficient for your needs and allows your room’s feng shui to be centered and honored.

Do you believe feng shui should be considered during the home buying process? Have you seen an improvement in your quality of life after using the ancient Chinese tradition and practice? If so, comment below and share your experiences!


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