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Inspiration Piece: Designer Look Inspired by You

There is nothing more fulfilling than feeling inspired. When you are inspired, you have the innate motivation to make art, fuel change, and develop or engage in something you love. When you feel depressed or down and find yourself unable to do anything, the best way to get out of your downward slide is to be inspired. Inspiration pieces can be a great source of energy!

People can get inspired by pictures of flowers or items in their home, but the ability to feel something and then take action or make art based on that feeling is a powerful self-fulfilling act of love. 

I am consistently on the hunt for moments, items, people, or things that force me to pause and think about how I feel and why.

The act of slowing oneself down to understand why something made you feel a certain way is an important skill in understanding yourself and the world around you.

For example, on a recent trip to Jerusalem, I came across a local shop where I found a mirror with a frame of hand-painted tiles. If you have read my piece on “Inspired by Morocco,” you will know exactly what mirror I am talking about– It has been an Inspiration Piece that keeps on giving!

Anyways, this mirror was an impulse buy that I brought back to the United States with me, and for some reason, I could not stop thinking about it. The colors and design on the mirror made me unreasonably happy, and any time I went shopping and saw similar colors, I would say, “Hey, that reminds me of my mirror!” I realized that I thought about my mirror so much that I needed to take this item and make it a central part of my home.

Taking something you love and are inspired by is a great way to spark creativity and begin a design project!

“People can get inspired from pictures of flowers, or items in their home, but the ability to feel something and then take action or make art based on that feeling is a powerful self-fulfilling act of self-love.”

Here is a picture of the mirror that I am obsessed with alongside some additional wall art!

Inspiration Piece

Use Negative Space to your Advantage

Now, looking at my mirror, I realize that the deep blue tones are really what grabs my attention. My eyes are also directed to the different blue and red shades, and I even love how the yellow stands out in the piece. It wasn’t until I took a step back that I realized that the tile’s white elements actually helped make all the other colors in this mirror pop. Immediately, I realized that I needed to design my living room using this inspiration piece.

While I believe that my space is appealing to various people, at the end of the day, If I am personally happy with my style because it reminds me of an item that I love, then the design was worth it.

I already have many white and light-toned furniture items in my household, so I started by organizing my room with subtle light pieces that did not overpower the room. After I had my couch, table, and media console down (all white or beige pieces), I looked at my room and appreciated the room’s simplistic airy openness. Sometimes, people forget the beauty of minimalist homes because, just like my mirror, the empty white spaces help make the bright colors and designs pop out! 

Color Association & Design 

My next step was to add the blue tones and my mirror’s red tones to the room. However, I faced a dilemma: red, white, and blue were my central colors, and if I weren’t intentional about my placement of colors/decor, then my room would become patriotic really fast. Don’t get me wrong, and I think having a flag flying from a porch or a patriotic backyard can look great! However, I did not think my mirror was trying to give off a patriotic look, so I had to make sure my design really honored the Moroccan look I was going for. I began by exploring local stores for furniture that matches my color palette, and I soon realized that red, white and blue were used quite a bit for nautical themes. I did feel like my mirror did bring an ocean-like feel, but I personally felt like nautical looks seemed more fit for a nursery than my living room. 

Throw Blue

In the end, I found a throw blanket that had exactly the style I was going for! The blue tones in this throw are so bold that I was immediately reminded of my mirror, and the little red tassels did an excellent job of not taking away from the blue but adding another level of pop to the piece. Then, in another store, I came across some pillows with a white background that helped make the vibrant blue stitching on them pop out. 

Define Your Look

My inspiration piece led from one item to the next. I realized that I was naturally developing an eclectic modern bohemian look that fused Moroccan designs and colors with minimalistic furniture. 

Design Piece: Living Room

As time went on, I started adding plants and lights and continued working in pieces that reminded me of my mirror, and by the end, I felt like my living room truly brought my mirror and its story to life. I had hand-made artwork, crafts, and deep colors, and natural elements all over my room. My inspirational piece allowed me to design my room, and while I used to feel a lack of cohesion, I now had a story and a design that brought me pure bliss.

Using an Inspiration piece can be a great tool in creating a space that you adore. While I believe my space is appealing to various people, at the end of the day, If I am personally happy with my style because it reminds me of an item that I love, then the design was worth it. Using an inspiration piece as your motivation, you too can create a cohesive room that you adore! 

We would love to hear from you! Do you have an inspiration piece that brings you joy, creativity, and/or ideas? If so, what is it? Why do you feel connected to it? And lastly, how has it influenced your home decorations? Feel free to share your reflections in our comment section below!


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