Your Beautiful Modern Home Inspired by Industrial Decor

Your Beautiful Modern Home Inspired by Industrial Decor

Industrial Decor and Style

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I love raw natural elements and modern designs! If you do too, then industrial decor and styles might be right up your alley.


Industrial home designs are all about appreciating raw architectural home elements. For example, Decor Aid defines the industrial style as a composition of “stripped back architectural details including the use of bare bricks, metals, and wood, as well as salvaged and recycled materials.” In other words, in an industrial home, you might find these architectural gems: 

Exposed Brick

Exposed Brick

Exposed bricks are common features of industrial homes. That is because exposed bricks naturally bring warmth and appreciation to a space. You can see all of the intricate markings and character in old bricks. History is a core component of industrial spaces, and there is something beautiful about seeing each the bricks that makes up your home. For me, brick walls get me thinking about who built the house, when they built it, and why. There is a love for bricklayers and the art of masonry in industrial homes. Houses are a work of art, and exposed bricks allow you to really appreciate the art of design and construction.

Metals Fixtures and Piping

Industrial decor

Many industrial homes have their ceilings lined with pipes, vents, and metal fixtures. In industrial designs, raw materials like metals and steel are seen as decor. Therefore, instead of hiding them behind drywall, pipes and metals are left completely visible.

The added benefit of visible metal fixtures (other than serving as industrial decor) is that if/when you have a leak– you won’t need to tear through any walls! However, you may need a ladder to get to your pipes, as many industrial homes have high ceilings! Keep in mind, a lot of industrial homes were built within old factories, so there is a manufacturing vibe in these spaces.


Industrial homes also are likely to find large gorgeous metal windows along with industrial sized metal lamps and stairs! If you really want an industrial home, then you will need to get used to decorating with metal! 


You won’t find (or at least you shouldn’t find) artificial flooring in an industrial home. Instead, reclaimed wood, or original wood flooring is a gorgeous must-have feature of an industrial home. There is something beautiful and magical about stepping on original flooring. 

Natural wood floors have a way of bringing warmth to a space. Even with cold natural elements like metal and bricks in an industrial home, wood is known as the great neutralizer. There is a harmony of materials and elements within industrial designs and decor, and if done right, the results can be absolutely stunning. 

The Best Industrial Decor and Designs

If you moved into a gorgeous home inspired by factories and warehouses, then you must have a love for industrial decor as well. It would be rather strange walking into a stunning industrial place to find a home filled with farmhouse designs. Yes sure, you can add elements of farmhouse chic like metal chairs and containers to your space, but to truly appreciate the industrial style, you need to prioritize raw natural elements everywhere! Here are some beautiful suggestions for your home: 


The Beguine side table by Lindye will look stunning in an industrial home. This table has a solid, and very durable stone base with an antique gold metal top. The combination of natural elements, simplicity, and high-quality materials makes this a modern but industrial gem for any home. Place this table next to a sofa or accent chair, and your entire room will come alive with sophistication and quality.

If your home already has a lot of metal, then you should prioritize adding wood elements to bring warmth to your space. The Lloyd coffee table will be the perfect addition to your industrial living room. This table features natural wood graining, and is made with teak. There is a high level of sophistication with this item, as modern designs, quality materials, and natural elements all come together.  If you like lavish furniture that brings style and pairs well with metal decor, then this is the perfect product for you.

Modrest Anvil Modern Brushed Stainless Steel Coffee Table

If you are looking for an industrial decor steal then the Modrest Avil Stainless Steel Coffee table is it. This table is an industrial home must-have. With natural elements and geometric shapes, it is both simple and beautiful. This table is also super easy to clean, and is guaranteed to be the statement piece that your home needs. With a great price and gorgeous design, this table also has great reviews, and shipping is free!


The vintage industrial caged lamp is meant for a– wait for it– that’s right, an industrial home! This lamp is one of those items that can be used as industrial decor or farmhouse decor, and is super stylish and affordable. There is so much detail in this lamp, and it can be placed above a table, nightstand, or a kitchen sink. You will need a 40 watt bulb, but once hooked up, your home will be an industrial design dream come true. This product is also super affordable, and is made of high-quality materials. 

If you like high quality decor then you must take a peek at the Arthur Table Lamp. This lamp is made of slabs of marble intersected by metal in an antique brass finish. The detailed metal brings out a neutral palette tone and the rectangular off-white shantung shade adds to the smartness of this marble lamp. A living room or table with this lamp is sure to wow all of your guests!

Elieser Industrial Floor Lamp

There aren’t many left in stock, but the Elieser floor lamp will look stunning in an industrial home. This lamp pairs perfectly with metal pipes and fixtures found in an industrial loft or home. The first half of the lamp is antiqued brushed brass. Whereas the top half of this lamp is rusted aged black brass. The multi-toned brass, glass fixture, and fine details of this lamp makes it my top pick for industrial decor lighting! 

Industrial Bed Frames

Queen Size Industrial Wood and Metal Bed, Rustic Oak

One of my friends lives in a gorgeous industrial loft, and I am always mesmerized by her decor and style. When I asked her what her favorite industrial decor was, she said, “oh, definitely our bed.” Even though my favorite item was her wine rack (shared with you later), I had to admit– her bed was quite beautiful. However, when I found out how affordable her bed was, I was even more obsessed. She has a wood and metal bed by Walker Edison, and for its price, it is definitely worth every dollar!

Sawmill Bed

However, if I owned an industrial style home, then my #1 pick for a bed would be the Sawmill bed. Industrial decor is all about exposed metal and wood finishes. The Sawmill bed frame has a floating iron base which beautifully contrasts with its rich, grey-finished oak headboard. A room with this beauty would add sophistication and architectural brilliance to your bedroom! There is also a natural beauty in raw high quality materials. Sometimes, less is definitely more, and the Sawmill bed is a good example of that! 

industrial decor

If you are someone who wants the biggest and best of life, then you will absolutely want the Monterey Canopy bed. This teak and brass combination simply calls for an applause. The frame is a bold black finish with contrasting brass, and a gorgeous tufted headboard panel hung with leather straps. This bed is sexy, sophisticated, industrial, and absolutely perfect. Many industrial homes also have tall ceilings, so canopy beds are ideal candidates for a modern home!

Industrial Chairs

Okay, I’ll be honest– when I was shopping for industrial stools for my kitchen, I was blown away by just how expensive they were. I ended up finding stools that were $250 a pop, and thought I got a steal. Little did I know, Decor Steals actually had the “real steal” and sold the same products for way cheaper. This adjustable teak and iron stool is a no-brainer, and if I had a time machine, I would have saved over $300 by buying these.

Quality, style, and elegance all come together with the Madeira chair by Lindye. This chair features pearl-colored upholstery and a bronze-finished steel framing, and parawood arms. Industrial decor is all about mixing raw materials, and this chair does exactly that– oh, and did I mention that it is super comfortable?

Industrial Decor: Modern Home Must-Haves

Okay, but just take a look at how adorable this fire escape shelf is? This gem is made from hand-welded epoxy-coated steel and is safe for candles, books, plants and more! Take creative design and industrial styles indoors with this must-have shelf!

Fleur Industrial Wine Rack, Industrial Gray

Pipe furniture is super in nowadays, as it naturally gives a gorgeous contemporary feel to a home. The Fleur wine rack is an excellent space for both displaying and storing beverages, and is the perfect industrial decor for homeowners who love wine. I mean, doesn’t everybody?

Industrial Spoked European Slide Door Hardware Set, Rustic Red, 10ft,

If you are installing a door, then you need to absolutely turn it into a sliding door. A lot of homeowners think they need to buy a specific door and hardware to have a sliding door. That is actually not true! All you need is the proper hardware and you can turn almost any door into a sliding one! This specific hardware is the perfect industrial style and look for your home!

I love how the room above has the perfect balance of metal, wood, and brick! It doesn’t take a lot to create an industrial room. A nice metal and wood shelf can really help bring a space together. Add some industrial decor to your shelf, and sit back and enjoy your gorgeous space! 

Do you love Industrial Decor?

We hope that you liked our suggestions for industrial decor. However, we need your help! We love hearing from our readers.


If you love industrial designs, or own an industrial styled home, then comment below! What are your favorite design elements? Do you have any products that you recommend for our readers? Lastly, If you share a picture of your industrial home– we may even feature you on our blog!

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2 thoughts on “Your Beautiful Modern Home Inspired by Industrial Decor”

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