Laundry Room Decor

The Best Laundry Room Decor to Increase Your Property Value!

The Best Laundry Room Decor to Increase Your Property Value!

Laundry Room Decor

Learn how a laundry room can increase your property value! We will cover:

  • Laundry Room Decor
  • Laundry Room Essentials
  • Farmhouse, Modern, Minimalistic, and Small Laundry Rooms
  • Laundry Room Paint Colors

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An updated laundry room has the ability to really improve the value of your home! 


The National Association of Home Builders asked 1st time and 2nd time homebuyers what their most essential home-buying requirements were. For first-time homebuyers, a living room was first, a laundry room was second, and a dining room was third. However, second time homebuyers ranked having a laundry room as the most important home essential!  If you own a home, then you definitely know just how long it takes to do laundry. For me, regardless of how many times I clean my clothes, there will always be more that need to be washed.

Spend Money & Make Money

If you are selling a home, then an organized and clean laundry space can be very appealing for potential home buyers. 

When I sold my first home, the buyer negotiated to keep all of my appliances. Buying a house without appliances can create an unwanted hassle of bringing in and setting up bulky new equipment. The last thing a new homeowner wants to worry about is if they will have clean clothes to wear. However, you can use that to your advantage!


I intentionally purchased new appliances because I wanted my future home buyer to have every reason to make an offer. Make sure your laundry room is functional and clean. If a buyer can see your laundry room improving their quality of life, then they will be more likely to invest.


I sold my house only after one day on the market, and I remember the buyer appreciating the designated laundry space! Regardless of if you have updated appliances or not– you can still make a big impact with laundry room decor! 

Laundry Room Decor Essentials

Laundry Room

Your laundry room should be bright and orderly!


Potential homebuyers will want a laundry room that feels sanitary. You can do this by adding light color tones, or place your laundry space near a window for some natural light.


Ideally, your laundry room will be in a designated space like a basement or separate room. However, some basements can be dark and damp, which can be very unappealing. To improve a basement laundry room try these strategies: 


  • Add two cabinets the same size (or taller) than your washer or drier to each side. Then, add a 1-in x 6-in x 10-ft board(s) on top of the cabinet, washer/dryer, and 2nd cabinet. You can then add a light tone stain to the board and seal it with an Oil-Based Polyurethane coat. You should now have cabinets for storage, and a table top to fold laundry or stack items!

  • If you want to save time and money, you can also just add an expandable metal hanging storage to your laundry room. This is great for hanging clothes, and adding functionality to your space. However, if you are selling your home, then please don’t leave it empty! Add decor and glam it up!

  • Fill your shelves with folded towels, wicker baskets, and fake/real flowers/plants! If you have natural light then a plant will add a breathe of life to your space. However, even artificial plants can give the allusion of your space being bright and airy! 

Farmhouse Laundry Room

Farmhouse Laundry Room

The farmhouse chic look is super in nowadays! When I was remodeling my first kitchen, I created a farmhouse chic toolkit for myself. A similar look can also be applied to a laundry room. 


Farmhouse laundry room decor can include a blend of warmth and simplicity. In other words, open shelving, white tiles, and a farmhouse sink are all essential components of a farmhouse kitchen. 


If your kitchen is in a basement, then you can add stick-on white tiles. If you have exposed brick, then you can paint it white. However, adding dark wood tones with an all white background is the best way to create a farmhouse laundry room. 


You can also add extra decor like wooden wall art, hanging plants in a galvanized pot, or an adorable rustic letter board!  

Best Paint Colors

Laundry Room Paint

The secret to a cheap but high-impact housing project is a nice new coat of paint. I can’t even begin to explain how many spaces I have seen go from drab and boring to vibrant and fresh with a new coat of paint. 

When it comes to your laundry room remember that less is more. 

Plank and Pillow share some gorgeous paint recommendations. Most of their recommendations are light grey, blues, or greens. Essentially super simple, but high sophisticated colors. 

Grey Cabinet
Green Cabinet

The best laundry room paint colors are the ones where you don’t really notice the paint. A clean and appealing laundry room should have decor be the center of attention. Whereas, the paint should be simple, inviting, and clean. 

With grey or light green paint, you can prioritize storage, baskets, and a place to put your detergents! 

Modern & Minimal

Laundry Room Storage

A simple and modern laundry room is one where things are mostly hidden. Modern homes look for functionality, and prioritize storage. 

You can do this by installing cabinets. However, open shelves are perfect for adding boxes and containers that hide clutter. Two separate baskets for washed and dirty clothes are also a must. 

Keep cleaning supplies and detergents behind cabinets to make the space feel/look open and clean. Many people also use some old (but clean) white shirts on a hanger as decor. Even adding fresh linen or a few towels to a cabinet can make an impact. 

If you are into minimalistic styles and designs, then stick to cabinetry, clothing and towels as decor!

Small Space Essentials

Small Laundry Room

If you don’t have a designated laundry area, or have a really small space, you still have options! 

Many new homebuyers are simply looking for the right appliances as a validation that– Yes, they can do their laundry at home. So, if you have a small area, and can only add a laundry machine, that should be fine. Instead, you should focus on staging! 

Add a drying rack next to your laundry machine, and clip some clothes to it. As long as the homebuyer can see how the cleaning and drying process works– you should be fine! 

For small spaces, you should go more bold with accent colors or flooring or paint. Unlike a large modern space, small laundry rooms need to make a large impact with less room. 

Therefore try these laundry room decor ideas:

  • Clothing Rack 
  • Colorful Baskets
  • A Colorful Mat or Rug

Additional Small Space Options

As mentioned earlier: staging is important, but it is extra important for small spaces. However, remember that staging shouldn’t just show off decor. Instead, staging should highlight the usefulness of each piece of decor. 

 For example, an ironing board next to a laundry machine can be decorative, but it is also relevant and useful. Having a four cube organizer can add dimension and a pop of color, but can also be used as storage and as a tabletop. 

Mason jars have also become superstars in home decor. Use them to store detergent, dryer balls, and clothespins. Then, you can use the jars as decor on shelves or cabinets! Small tricks like these can make your laundry room more functional and pretty! 

Laundry Room Decor Summary

The best laundry room decor for a happy & clean home has: 

  • Open Shelving
  • Natural Lighting 
  • Wall Art (farmhouse art/decor, laundry signage, or mirrors)
  • Simple & Clean Paint Colors: Light grays, blues, or greens
  • Artificial or Real Plants
  • Wicker Baskets 
  • Cabinets or Storage Bins
  • Mason Jars
  • Ironing Table
  • Drying Rack 
  • Rugs or Mats
  • Wooden/Rustic Tabletops 
  • Towels/Hangers/Shirts
  • Clean/Dirty Clothes Hampers

If this article helped you design or sell your home, then comment below to share your experiences! If you have a laundry room that you absolutely love, then email us a picture and you may find yourself featured on our blog!

As always, thanks for turning your house a home with us! 

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