5 Stunning Mason Jar Decoration Ideas for your Home

5 Stunning Mason Jar Decoration Ideas for your Home

Mason jar decoration ideas

If you are looking for Mason jar decoration ideas, then you have come to the right place!


Every time I see a Mason jar, I think about the book Holes by Louis Sachar, and all the delicious spiced peaches Miss Katherine Barlow stored in her Mason jars. 


If you haven’t read or watched the movie Holes, well you absolutely need to as the “sweet peaches” and the devastating heart-breaking love story they cause is a must-watch/read. Either way, Mason jars were patented in 1858, and were used in home canning to preserve food.


Nowadays mason jars are showing up everywhere as wedding centerpieces, home decorations, floral arrangements, and so much more. I was at a restaurant recently and noticed that most drinks at the bar were served in Ball manufactured Mason jars. Mason jars are quite versatile, and can be used for many crafts and projects!

Read ahead for 5 absolutely gorgeous Mason jar decorations ideas! 



Mason jar decoration ideas

I get inspired by all of the mason jar decoration ideas that I see on social media, but one of my absolute favorites is the fairy-lights mason jars! If you have a set of battery-operated fairy-lights, then you can drop the magical silver wire into a mason jar, turn them on, close the lid and have magical twinkling lights!


I have seen mason jar fairy-lights used as centerpieces at a wedding, and as an illuminated pathway in a backyard or “fairy garden.” Also, during Christmas, you can add fairy-light mason jars to your windows to create a magical touch to all the Holiday cheer. I hear that Santa is more likely to drop by homes that believe in fairies and magical creatures!


Fairy-lights and Mason jars are also super cheap so, for a few bucks, you can have a gorgeous decoration that will wow all of your friends!


Mason Jar Storage


Every list of Mason jar decoration ideas should include using the jars as food storage. Now, I know that Mason jars were intended for food storage, but I am not talking about fermentation or fridge-storage.

Instead,  individuals with a designer eye, can place various colors and textured food items in mason jars and place them in open-shelving to create a minimalistic farmhouse feel.

Therefore, instead of storing leftovers or preserving food by putting your mason jars in your fridge, you can add some flair by filling them up with sugar, cereal, honey  or other non-perishable foods to create a visually appealing look in your kitchen!

The best part about mason jars that are visible on your shelves is that you will always have a good sense of what ingredients you have and what you need more of!



Mason jar decoration ideas


Recently, I broke the light in my backyard as I was trying to replace a bulb. I was removing a glass fixture to get to the bulb behind it when it slipped off and shattered on my deck. I was super frustrated as I did not want to get a replacement glass fixture for my light, especially since I had to wait until morning for local stores to open up.


I quickly thought of my options, and said, “hey, I wonder if one of my mason jars could screw onto my light mount!” I quickly grabbed a wide-mouth Ball Mason jar, went into my backyard and screwed the jar right onto my light fixture! I thought I had found an incredible secret, and was like, “wow, I wonder if the world knows you can use mason jars as light fixtures!”


Sure enough, a few Google searches later, I realized that many people spend buckets of money creating farmhouse style light fixtures using Mason jars. While I wasn’t as original as I thought, you can definitely take your mason jars and create gorgeous light fixtures and decorations. A year later, my backyard fixture is still looking and working great!



One of the most common Mason jar decoration ideas is to use Mason jars for organization and storage– but not just for food!


I recently went over to a friends house and I saw that their entire arts & craft room used Mason jars to store paintbrushes and crafting tools. I also had a metal container in my household that had butter knives, forks, and spoons in it, and I recently replaced it with three mason jars to store each utensil individually.


I also know of many teachers that use Mason jars to store classroom supplies such as rulers, pencils, and EXPO markers. Instead of buying a new pencil case or some sort of fancy storage vessel, try out a Mason jar as you might be pleasantly surprised by the look and functionality!




Fake Flowers


Lastly, out of all of the Mason jar decoration ideas that you can do, my favorite is to use Mason jars for floral arrangements and wedding/party decorations!


Any time my local craft store has major sales on artificial floral arrangements and clippings, I go all out and buy a bunch! Over the years, I have been able to add some fake flowers to mason jars and add them to dinner tables as lively centerpieces.


I have also seen many weddings use floral Mason jars as decoration for their wedding tables. You can also add flowers to your Mason jar that match the season, or your room, or a specific holiday.


The versatility, ease, and creativity factor of Mason jar floral arrangements make them my absolute favorite decoration idea.

Take a look at some of the Mason jar decorations in my home:


Flower Arrangements


Mason jars have the ability to add a lot of variety and life to your household. If you are someone who likes quick and easy crafts that look gorgeous and make a big first impression, well Mason jar decorations are for you! If you have tried or enjoy one of the five Mason jar decoration ideas above, comment below and tell me about your experience!

Happy Crafting!

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2 thoughts on “5 Stunning Mason Jar Decoration Ideas for your Home”

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