Top 10 Minimalist Desks for a Happy Home

Qualities of a Minimalist Desk

Top 10 Minimalist Desks for a Happy Home

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I am seeing an increase in minimalism used in interior designs everywhere! I mean, I shouldn’t be surprised because contemporary living rooms were ranked the  #1 most popular home design style of the 21st century.



A key element of contemporary design is its focus on minimalism and use of space. So, it makes sense that minimalist styles are gaining popularity everywhere!


We are seeing minimalist bedrooms, office spaces, kitchens, and so much more. Actually, one could even argue that minimalism, with it’s lack of excessiveness, is actually becoming quite trendy


Due to an increase in virtual careers, the demand for home office furniture has skyrocketed. Homeowners with a love for contemporary or elegant styles are especially interested in minimalist furniture and decor.

Crafts & Bolts

Essential Qualities of a Minimalist Desk

If you are buying a minimalist desk, then there are a few key features you may want to consider: 

Space: Measure the area where you intend to place your desk. When you buy a minimalist desk, you will want a sleek and clean look. Large clunky items will not look good in a room designed with minimalism in mind. Therefore, you will want to get an accurate idea of your room (colors, styles, designs) before you buy a desk.

Work Environment:
Do you have a career that requires a lot of paperwork and storage? Remember, minimalist styles are neat and orderly and maximize space and style. So, if you have a career that requires a lot of items, then you may want to look for a desk with drawers or extra storage. However, it is also important not to overdo storage in a room! Consider adding a storage drawer elsewhere, while you keep your desk as clean and empty as possible. Trust me when I say– less is more. Don’t agree? Well, Elle Decor can elaborate further! 


Style/Design: Elle Decor states, “Clean lines, reductive, uncluttered, monochromatic, simplicity, ‘less is more’—these are some of the terms and concepts that immediately come to mind when thinking about minimalism.” So, in other words– look at your space, match designs, stick to the basics and don’t over do your room. 

Top 10 Minimalist Desks

White Minimalist Desk

Techni Mobili Computer Desk with White Magnetic Board is one of the most multi-functional desks on the market. This desk is perfect for a home office, as it adds functionality and simplicity to a room. 


This desk only needs 23 inches by 42 inches to fit into its new home. While that might sound average for a desk, the magnetic board above adds an opportunity to keep your notes and projects organized and visible. The extra workspace makes this desk seem a lot bigger than it actually is.


Furthermore, there are also two open shelves, along with a center drawer to hide any clutter. 


Lastly, this white minimalist desk can be used as a dry erase board as well as a mood board! If you are an artist or a creative person, then this is an absolute must have!

L-Shape Desk

L-shaped desks are the best as they give you a lot of surface area to work with. If you are accustomed to working from home, then you know just how useful it is to have both a laptop and a desktop computer on a single desk.

I constructed a makeshift L-shaped desk by putting two tables together, but that ended up compromising a lot of leg room. Also, every time I moved, even the slightest bit, one desk would bump into the other and it would drive me slightly insane. 


You can solve this issue with the Techni Mobili L-shaped Glass Corner Desk.


With this desk, you will have simple minimalist designs that prioritize space over busy styles and extra features. The two tables are constructed as one unit and are super durable. 

This minimalist desk has a functional design that can be configured to your preference. For example, the long and short sides of this desk are interchangeable. Also, the desk is made with a heavy-duty 8 mm tempered safety glass desktop and a scratch-resistant powder-coated steel frame. Furthermore, there is also a slide-out keyboard shelf equipped with a safety stop. 

You really can’t go wrong with this gem! 

Hide Your Clutter

If you know you are prone to clutter, then it will be hard to create a minimalistic look. However, this desk workstation desk might be your saving grace. 


This minimalist desk  allows you to hide all of your paper and storage on your side of the desk. Anyone that comes to your home office/room will only see clean lines, wood grains, and minimalism. 


Not only does this desk come with an elevated accessory shelf but also a slide-out keyboard slot, two storage drawers, and an open CPU compartment with a shelf that can be moved up, down or be completely removed.


Basically, you get function and design with this desk! What more could you really ask for?

Minimalist Wooden Desk

You can have a minimalist desk that doesn’t compromise style and design. The Nassau desk is a prime example of a minimalist wooden desk that is absolutely gorgeous. 


This desk lets its fine details and woodwork do all of the talking. On this work of art, you will find a pigeon finish on mahogany, and a latte finish on the desk top and trim. This is a one drawer desk, but has two antique finished pulls. If you are looking for minimalism without compromising quality and design, then this one is made for you! 

Your jaw will drop when you see this desk in person. The Corfu Executive Desk will be your ultimate office centerpiece. This beautiful desk features a glossy Greystone exterior, bleached walnut Corfu Collection drawer fronts, bleached wood legs, and plenty of storage and working space. With this desk, you can have a minimalist table top and a designer exterior. The shiny brass and lucite hexagon knobs complete the refined minimalism look of this piece.


If you are someone who has wants a high-quality long-lasting desk, then this is worth the investment!

Modern Luxury

If you are all about luxury and minimalism, then you need to check out the Ibiza desk. With this luxurious desk, you are paying for the best materials and designs.


This desk features smooth rounded edges, lucite plinth legs, and two large drawers with lucite pulls. A glossy blush lacquered finish completes the look.


This desk allows natural features do all the talking with no additional decor needed. If that doesn’t scream minimalism and elegance, then I don’t know what does! 

Small + Functional

The Mr.Ironstone desk is a great pick for anyone looking for functionality and zero labor. This desk literally takes 1-minute to set up. Also, if you need some extra room– the legs on this desk fold in so you can also easily store and put it away. 


Essentially, this desk is designed with a college student in mind. If you live in a dorm, then this will be perfect for your small space. You have hooks to hang items, with a cute look of gold/marble on the exterior. 


If you want minimalism, functionality, and easy mobility then this is definitely the right desk for you. 

Affordability + Size

If you are on a tight budget but need a minimalist desk with a lot of surface area then the CubiCubi Study Desk is a no-brainer. This desk has really high reviews, and is 47″ in length. 


At this size, you won’t find a more affordable desk. Plus, the rigid metal frame and reliable MDF boards give it a solid structure as well as a beautiful appearance.


Also, this desk comes with an iron hook and storage bag that can make it a lot easier to declutter your space!  

Modern Industrial

This table brings you a little bit of everything. There is a mix of modern designs, minimalistic accents, industrial traits, and high quality materials. 


If you have a modern home, then this table will fit right in! 


The Styx desk uses wood and steel in a way that creates a striking new interpretation of the office desk. This minimalist desk is filled with character, and is sure to make a statement. 

Hidden Compartments

This minimalist desk has a genius design! The Walnut Computer Desk not only has two drawers, but also an opening for cables and two hidden storage compartments. 


This uniquely designed desk is made of MDF wood panel with PVC veneer atop of a white powder coated steel frame. A modern desk like this is aesthetically pleasing and perfect for keeping cables off the floor, where they can become damaged, or create a trip hazard for foot traffic. Surprisingly, this desk has a lot to offer in terms of organization, even at its relatively small size. 

Basically, you simply need to check out all of the features of this desk, and be wow-ed by its overall design and creativity. 

Why Minimalism?

If after reading this post you are wondering why people go with minimalistic designs, well then– you’re not alone. After all, minimalistic desks are far from traditional. We are so used to large clunky desks with lots of shelves, and storage. Essentially, many of us have become accustomed to a fast-paced life of, “i’ll shove this document into this folder, and this document into this drawer”. However, being able to find those documents again is another story.


Therefore, you may find many benefits in cutting back your clutter and working towards minimalism. 

So, when thinking about why minimalism, you might answer with: because I want less clutter, cleaning, and distractions in my life. 


Additionally, minimalism offers a neater home which allows your focus to be on your investments/decor instead of your mess. A lifestyle like this is worth the long term investment!  

Minimalist Desk Setup And Questions!

Now, we know that owning a minimalist desk is only one part of the home design process.


Instead, setting up and designing a room around your minimalist desk is a whole different obstacle. A minimalist desk setup can become cluttered really fast.


So, you need to be simple yet creative enough to make an impact, while not overdoing it.


Therefore, I want to hear from you! Do you own a minimalist desk? Do you like living a minimalist lifestyle? How did you decorate and set up your space?

Share your thoughts and comments below! Also, if you send us a picture of your space, we may even feature you in this post! Thanks for Making a Happy Home! 

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