Inspired by Moroccan Blue

Beautiful Homes Inspired by Moroccan Blue

In this post, we will explore the Moroccan city of Chefchaouen, understand the impacts of Moroccan Blue in interior and exterior design choices, and bring the style and history of Morocco into your home! Our blog is reader-supported. When you make a purchase using our links, we may earn a commission. Learn More

If you were to step into my home during a lazy afternoon, you would find me sitting on my couch reading a book, browsing the web or dozing off while HGTV reruns play in the background. Occasionally, you might find me staring at a distant void on the wall while contemplating what house the young couple on HGTV might end up buying. Whatever the case, I tend to find home decor and home buying shows to be the perfect background noise for any occasion.


With any good TV show, your brain subconsciously knows when you should be paying attention to the screen (when people are browsing homes) and when it is okay to be distracted by something else (when the couple and their real estate agent are drinking margaritas on the beach).


However, without a doubt, I always find myself sitting upright with my eyes glued to the television screen any time I see vibrant and bold colors used in interior design.


Out of all of the designs I have seen, there is nothing more mesmerizing and enticing as the bold and unique colors of Moroccan architecture. If you have travelled to Chefchaouen, or have seen pictures of the gorgeous Moroccan city, then you would know all about the “wow-factor” of the stunning Moroccan blue!

The City of Chefchaouen

I have always wanted to bring a piece of Chefchaouen into my home, however to do so, I needed to learn more about the origins of Moroccan blue! 

So, I am going to take you on a journey to Morocco, with the hopes to better understand the impacts of the design world, while sharing ways you can bring some of the bold blue colors into your own home! However, to do so– we must first explore the gorgeous city of Chefchaouen!

Chefchaouen is a city in Morocco that is known for its blue hues. Historians believe that the tradition of painting houses blue started by Jewish settlers who escaped the Spanish inquisition in the late 1400s. Some believe that the blue represents the sky and is a reminder of God, while others believe it is a color that prevents bugs and mosquitos.

Whether it be for faith, or to prevent bugs, or to keep homes cooler during hotter months, the city of Chefchaouen now brings tourists from all over the world to explore its unique history and aesthetic appeal. 

Many locals have stated that the architecture of their city has Spanish and Moorish ties and that white-washing buildings is also very common, especially as it compliments the blue hues of nearby homes.

If you look at the city of Chefchaouen from afar, you will see a dramatic landscape resting amid the Riff Mountains. Your eyes will be mesmerized by the clay tiles laying on top of rooftops as your pupils bounce back and forth between deep blue and white-washed buildings and narrow roads. 

If you are somehow able to break your trance, then you may even realize the wall of trees and plant-life engulfing the entire city. This is a city that will leave you in astonishment and can also be a great source of inspiration.


How to bring Chefchaouen
into your Home

The easiest way to bring some bold Moroccan flair to your home is by adding some color to your home interior or exterior. For example, you could use a semi-gloss exterior paint to redo your front door to add a dark or vibrant blue to the front of your home. 

By painting your door, you are able to  instantly improve your curb appeal, while previewing your eclectic style with guests before they enter your house! For my home, I decided to add a deep blue hue by painting all of my living room walls.

Blue Walls

Blue walls can serve many functions by creating a bright sky-like feel like in Chefchaouen, or they can add a dark deep homey comfort, and could even be used to accentuate the nautical theme of homes near the water. 

Either way, walls can be brought to life with a coat or two of blue paint, and when paired with lighter-toned furniture, the paint can bring out all the design elements of your home. 

If you would rather go more subtle, while adding a wow-factor, you can also simply paint an accent wall, or the space under each step of your stairs, or little corners or handles leading into another space! Paint is versatile, and you can’t go wrong with Moroccan Blue!

Decor Inspired by Morocco

My current home has light-grey walls with a very soft blue hue, as I am intentionally going for a minimalist palette. 

However, I have added bright blue tones as eye-catchers to various rooms by using bold accessories and designs. For example, my sectional has a gorgeous deep-blue throw placed at its base to add functionality for cold nights, and to add dynamic textures to the room.

Then, during a recent trip to Jerusalem, I came across a shop that had gorgeous hand-made mirrors that were lined with hand-painted tiles. I was immediately directed to the mirror due to its deep blue colors, and intricate details. 

While the mirror could stand alone as an eye-catcher, I also came across a four-piece canvas print that complimented the mirror and turned the entire piece into one unified artistic piece. 

By using mirrors and wall art, I did not have to paint my wall, as the various decorative accessories created an accent wall on their own!

Use the Mountains for Inspiration

The city of Chefchaouen comes alive with the paint, accessories and charms added by the creativity and artistry of settlers. However, the natural beauty that surrounds the mountainous region of Morocco comes from the diverse foliage found in every corner and exterior of a city or town. 

Adding indoor plants that are in a bold print pot are the best way to bring human art and mother nature together as one. Look for pots that are multi-colored but make sure the deep blue tones are what catch your eyes.

Then, add a terracotta clay plant saucer at the base of the pot to solidify the earthy, colorful, and natural designs of Morocco. If you are extra crafty, you can even buy a terracotta pot, and use the paint you used for your walls to add your own designs and artistry to your Moroccan home!


If your home has Moroccan Blue inspired decorations, accent pieces, or art-work, snap a picture and share it with us! We would love to feature your work on our blog!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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