Prepare your Pool
for the Winter

Pool Winterizing Kit

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If you have a pool in your home, then you know how hard it is to properly maintain. An improperly cared for pool, especially during the winter months, can lend itself to a lot of unwanted algae.


If the water in your pool is consistently below 60 degrees, then it is time to get a pool winterizing kit! 

The Why?

Your pool contains very expensive materials that keep it functional. For example, River Pool and Spa states, “The average initial cost for an in-ground vinyl liner pool is $35,000–$65,000.”


In the winter months, surface ice expansion can easily tear through your very expensive vinyl liners! This is an easily preventable issue, but if forgotten– can be extremely costly. 


Many new homeowners think that they can simply cover up their pool for the winter months and be all set. Then, as the weather warms up and you get ready for your 1st swim– you might be disappointed by what you find! 


The Gross Green Pool

Lack of water circulation, filtration and sanitation is an algae’s breeding ground dream come true! You do not want algae in your pool for many reasons. For example, a pool with algae can cause these problems: 


  1. Swimming in a pool with algae can create an itchy rash, inflammation, and severe infections! 
  2. Algae can grow into the lining of a pool with the ability to create expensive tears.
  3. Algae is very slippery! Having algae in or around your pool can increase the likelihood of slips and injuries.
  4. $$ costs! Even a small amount of algae can require more chlorine upkeep, which can then add to your maintenance costs pretty quickly. 

Pool Closing Kit & Solutions

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  • Doheny states, that the optimal pool chemicals for closing are:
    pH- Between 7.2-7.6.
    Alkalinity- 80-120ppm
    Calcium Hardness- 180-220ppm
    + Pool Cleaning- that is thorough and does not leave behind any algae that can reproduce once covered. 

However, even if you have optimal pool conditions before covering your pool, you can still grow algae. Therefore, you will need a pool winterizing kit to really make sure your expensive equipment stays safe!


A pool winterizing kit should: actively work to reduce carbon dioxide from the pools water, balance its pH levels, remove grime and waterline scrub, along with keeping winter staining at bay!  


With that in mind– let’s explore some of the BEST pool winterizing kits! 

Top Pick for Most Pools

Pool Winterizing Kit includes:

Winter Stain-Away: Prevent staining from metals and minerals. 

Winterizer Algaecide: Winterizer has a proprietary polymer blend providing superior protection against algae. Long lasting formula will ensure it will last all winter.

Chlorine-Free Pool Shock: Safe to use on all surfaces and will not damage your pool cover. With its ability to oxidize the water, this will help with eliminating contaminants.

Time-Release Winter Pool Floater: Dispenses a set amount of non-chlorine chemical for your pool months after its been covered. It’s key in removing carbon dioxide from the water eliminating a primary food source for algae.

Winter Sorb: Patented non-toxic molecular foam that can absorb up to 40 times its own weight. It will soak up residual lotions, oils, and scum preventing clogging of the pool’s plumbing.

For Simple & Quick Upkeep

AquaPill WinterPill  includes:
An all-in-one formula is an exclusive 4-part blend to make spring openings faster and easier than ever!


A clarifier to maintain sparkling clean water with:

A scale inhibitor to prevent scale build- up on surfaces, and a stain inhibitor to prevent iron, copper and manganese stains.

SpringPill is enzyme-enhanced – it naturally destroys all organics, preventing water ring, enhances filter performance.

Note: There is no chlorine and no algaecide in this mix. So, it is better as an enhancement to add alongside a pool winterizing kit. However, if you are only looking for simple and easy upkeep, then this is for you! 

For Large Pools

Doheny’s Ultimate Pool Winterizing and Closing Chemical Kit is perfect for polls that are up to 35,000 gallons! Each ultimate closing kit contains– 


Doheny’s Metal Out – the ULTIMATE Stain, Rust & Scale Preventer;

Winter Guard – Algae Control

Time-Released Winter Oxidizing Tablets – Their “SECRET IN THE BOX”(!), and Chlorine-Free Oxidizing Shock.

Premium Option

Bioguard is a tad on the pricer side, but has solid reviews and testimonials. This is ideal for pools that contain up to 24,000 gallons. In this, you will get: 

Arctic Blue Algae Protector- Full Winter Algae control 

2 Arctic Blue Shock – Will oxidize and clarify water through the off-season months and is ideal for all pool surfaces.

Instructions – That are simple and super easy to understand and complete. 

Small Investment =
Big Savings!

If you just bought a house with a pool, you should be super excited. You will have the perfect entertainment for friends and family. However, that luxury comes with a cost of consistent upkeep and care! A small (less than $100) investment in a pool winterizing kit can save you thousands of dollars. 


You will also thank yourself when spring & summer comes around and you want to take a dive. There is nothing as frustrating as being ready to swim and realizing that you can’t. With these awesome winterizing kit, you will be ready to swim all spring & summer long! 


If you have any questions or thoughts– comment below as we love hearing from you. We hope this guide helps you turn your house into a home! 

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