Interesting Info: Why your Neighbor has a Red Porch Light (and other colors)!

Porch Light Colors

While driving around my neighborhood one evening, I couldn’t help but notice a peculiar trend – one neighbor had a red porch light, and another had a green one. At first glance, I thought these were festive decorations, perhaps leftovers from a recent holiday.

However, as I delved deeper into this colorful mystery, I discovered something truly heartwarming. The neighbor with the red porch light explained that his wife had recently suffered a heart attack. They were using their porch light as a symbolic beacon to raise awareness about women’s heart health. This was a revelation to me; I had no idea that porch light colors could be used to advocate for social causes.

Turns out, there was no “light war” between my neighbors. Rather, they were both using their porch lights as silent yet powerful advocates for their respective causes. This discovery inspired me to delve deeper into the world of porch light colors and their meanings.

The Red Porch Light: A Symbol of Love and Strength

Red Porch Light

Perhaps you’ve heard of movements encouraging people to “go red” in support of heart health awareness. For instance, February 5th is recognized as “National Wear Red Day,” and the entire month of February is dedicated to promoting heart health awareness.

Moreover, for over a decade, iconic landmarks worldwide, such as the Niagara Falls, Hard Rock Café, and the Seattle Great Wheel, have been illuminated in red to honor women’s heart health. Now, this illuminating tradition has found its way into individual homes through the use of red porch lights.

While this trend is primarily observed during February, some homeowners choose to keep at least one red porch light on throughout the year. Women who have experienced heart health issues are often especially committed to maintaining this enlightening tradition.

Joining the Red Porch Light Movement

If you’re inspired to shine a light on Women’s Heart Health, there are several ways to get involved! According to Enlightened Lights:

In support of American Heart Month in February, the American Heart Association encourages supporters to help their city “go red” for women. They suggest using red lights to illuminate homes and office buildings, stringing red holiday lights or rope lighting to accentuate landscaping, trees, bushes, columns, poles, and other architectural features.

The association also recommends using gel light covers, switching LED light colors, or purchasing red light bulbs. They even provide equipment to borrow during February, ensuring that everyone can participate.

Debunking Red Porch Light Myths

With the rise of gun-control debates, the “red porch light” has been subject to some misconceptions. A rumor spread by a satirical website suggested that a red porch light indicated a “gun-free” home. This baseless claim resulted in a surge of red lightbulb sales but was ultimately debunked.

So, the next time you see a red porch light, remember that it’s not a symbol of gun control, but a beacon of awareness for women’s heart health.

The Green Porch Light: Honoring Heroes

Green Porch Light

America’s veterans are some of the most courageous individuals, having served our country with unwavering bravery. They deserve more than just our respect; they deserve our active show of appreciation and support. While there are countless ways to honor these heroes, the “GreenLight a Vet” campaign has gained popularity over the years, offering an easy yet impactful way to demonstrate our gratitude.


The color green, symbolizing the camouflage jackets worn by the US military, serves as the heart of this powerful movement. By simply changing your porch light to green, you can express your appreciation for veterans, whether it’s honoring your own service, that of a family member, or all veterans collectively.


How Can You Participate in the Movement?

The “GreenLight a Vet” campaign is not limited to Veterans Day on November 11th. The USAR Army encourages us to honor our veterans all year round. Here’s how you can join in:

  • 1. Illuminate Your Support: Change one light to green in a visible location – your porch, home, or office. Keep it glowing every day as a symbol of ongoing appreciation and support for our veterans.
  • 2. Share Your Light: Once your green light is shining bright, take a picture and share it on social media using the hashtag #greenlightavet. This small action can help spread awareness of the movement and inspire others to participate.
  • 3. Learn More: To better understand the cause you’re supporting, research the “Greenlight A Vet campaign.” The more you know, the more effectively you can advocate for our veterans.

Supporting the “GreenLight a Vet” movement is more than a simple gesture; it’s a public display of respect for our military. And who knows? Your green light might bring a smile to a veteran in your neighborhood, reminding them that their service is appreciated. So, why wait? Illuminate your support and honor a vet today!

The Blue Porch Light: Autism Awareness & Police Appreciation

Blue Porch Light

“Light it Up Blue” for Autism Awareness

On December 18, 2020, the United Nations General Assembly unanimously voted to designate April 2nd as “World Autism Awareness Day.” This global recognition sparked the creation of the “Light it Up Blue” movement by Autism Speaks. The initiative aims to foster acceptance and understanding for individuals with autism, while cultivating a community rooted in kindness, empathy, and compassion.


How Can You Show Your Support?

Joining the “Light it Up Blue” movement is easier than you may think. Here are some ways you can participate:


1. Engage with the Kindness Campaign: Visit where you can complete an act of kindness virtually or at home, take the online pledge, and sign up to host a Kindness Break. This virtual event raises crucial funds for the cause while spreading kindness within the community.


2. Utilize Resources: Autism Speaks provides resources to make sharing kindness easy and tools to advocate for individuals with autism in local communities.


3. Wear Blue and Light It Up: On April 2nd, wear blue clothing and light up your buildings or homes with blue lights to show solidarity.


4. Share and Learn: Explore stories and photos shared by the diverse autism community to better understand their experiences and perspectives.


Blue Porch Light: A Beacon for Police Appreciation

In recent years, law enforcement agencies have faced significant scrutiny due to officer-involved shootings. In response, many communities have rallied to show their support for police officers through various means, including the Blue Porch Light initiative.


The initiative, sometimes referred to as “Project Blue Light,” encourages homeowners to replace their standard porch light with a blue one. This simple act serves as a visual symbol of appreciation and respect for the men and women in blue who risk their lives to maintain public safety.


So, if you wish to show your support for local law enforcement, consider adding a blue porch light to your home. It’s a small gesture that can go a long way in acknowledging the daily sacrifices made by our police officers.


Remember, whether it’s lighting up blue for autism awareness or showing support for law enforcement with a blue porch light, these simple acts can create significant impact. After all, change starts at home – and sometimes, it starts with a porch light.


The Purple Porch Light: A Beacon of Hope and Solidarity

Purple Porch Light

In recent years, porch lights have transformed from mere decorations to powerful symbols of advocacy for various causes. One such initiative that has gained significant traction is the “Purple Light Nights” movement.


Focused on shedding light on domestic violence, the campaign uses the simple act of replacing a porch light with a purple one as a means to express solidarity and support for victims. The campaign operates under the impactful motto: “shine a light and save a life.”


The Significance of the Purple Light

The color purple, long associated with royalty, power, and ambition, also represents meanings of dignity, independence, and magic. In the context of the “Purple Light Nights” movement, it symbolizes courage, survival, honor, and dedication to ending domestic violence.


By illuminating your porch with a purple light, you’re making a bold statement: “I stand with victims of domestic violence. My home is a safe haven, and domestic violence has no place here.” This powerful message shines a spotlight on the issue, raising awareness and promoting dialogue within communities about a topic often shrouded in silence.


Some survivors of domestic violence also choose to display a purple light. It’s their way of demonstrating that they’ve endured abuse and survived, reminding us that anyone can fall victim to such violence. Their courage in sharing their experiences helps to dismantle stigma and encourages others to speak out.


The Purple Porch Project: A Growing Movement

The “Purple Light Nights” movement has sparked a related initiative known as the Purple Porch Project. This project has seen a surge in popularity recently, signaling a growing public commitment to addressing domestic violence.


There are numerous ways to get involved in supporting these movements. Fundraisers, awareness events, and social media campaigns are all avenues through which you can express your support. By participating, you’re not only helping to raise funds for vital resources and support services for victims but also contributing to a larger cultural shift towards zero tolerance for domestic violence.


In conclusion, the simple act of changing your porch light to purple can have a profound impact. It’s a beacon of hope for those affected by domestic violence, a symbol of solidarity, and a powerful catalyst for change. So why not make the switch and shine a light on domestic violence? Your purple light could indeed save a life.


Show your Support

My neighbors did a great job of supporting projects they believed in with their front porches. Additionally, they motivated me to donate to their cause. If you want to support as well, you can do so by adding a: 


Red front porch light for American Heart Month Awareness


Green front porch light for Veterans’ Awareness


Blue front porch light for Autism Awareness, or Police Appreciation


Purple front porch light for Domestic Violence Awareness


Add the appropriate light bulb to your home and raise awareness! What porch light color does your house have?


Comment below and share your thoughts, opinions, ideas, and favorite projects! 


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