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Interesting Info: Why your Neighbor has a Red Porch Light (and other colors)!

Interesting Info: Why your Neighbor has a Red Porch Light (and other colors)!

I was recently driving around my neighborhood at night and noticed an interesting trend. One of my neighbors had a red porch light while the other had a green porch light. I assumed that the lights were for seasonal celebrations.

However, while admiring the lights, a question popped into my head: were my neighbors having a “porch light war?”

The next day, I ran into one of my neighbors, and I asked him about it. To my surprise, I learned that his wife recently had a heart attack and they were using the porch lights as a way to bring awareness to women’s heart health. I had no idea porch lights were used for social awareness, and I started wondering what my other neighbors’ green lights meant.

The neighbor with the red porch light shared how he got his idea from the green porch light neighbor and that they weren’t having a “light war.” Instead, they both wanted to bring attention to their specific causes.

As a result, my neighbors’ advocacy empowered me to learn more about porch light colors and their meanings. Here is what I found:

Porch Light Color Meaning (2021)

The Red Porch Light

Red Porch Light

You may have heard of movements calling to “illuminate your home red” in support of heart health awareness. For example, February 5th is known as “National Wear Red Day.” Also, the entire month of February is dedicated to heart health in general.

February Tradition

For over a decade, landmarks all over the world go red in honor of women’s heart health. We’ve seen Niagara Falls turn red, along with the Hard Rock Cafè and the Seattle Great Wheel!

Now, the movement for heart health awareness has now made its way into homes with the use of red porch lights. Many homeowners can change the lights on their front porch in honor of heart health and awareness.

Additionally, while this trend is usually seen during the month of February, some homeowners are keeping at least one red porch light on all year long. Furthermore, some women who have experienced heart health issues in the past are especially keen on using red porch lights to bring awareness to the important health issue.

How to get involved with the Red Porch Light Movement

If you want to bring “light” to Women’s Heart Health, you have some options! Enlightened Lights writes:

The American Heart Association asks supporters to help their city go red for women in support of American Heart Month in February. First, people are encouraged to use red lights to illuminate the exterior of homes and office buildings, as well as string red holiday lights or rope lighting to accent trees, bushes, landscaping, columns, poles, and other architectural features.

Additionally, the association recommends using gel light covers, switching LED light colors, or purchasing red light bulbs. They even offer equipment to borrow during the month so that everyone can join in.

Beware of Red Porch Light Myths

With recent gun-control conversations, the “red porch light” has made its way onto the news. Apparently, some people believe that red porch lights mean that a home is “gun-free.”

This rumor was spread by a satirical website, and even though there was no foundation for the “trend,” it did get a lot of red lightbulbs to sell out. However, since then– the “red light bulb” representing a “gun-free home” has been proven to be a bogus story.

So, the next time you see a red porch light, know that it is to bring awareness to Women’s Heart Health!

The Green Porch Light

Green Porch Light

America’s veterans are some of the bravest and strongest men and women in the world. Honoring people who have served our country requires more than putting up a green light. Those that have lived and/or died for our country are heroes in every shape and form. However, adding a green porch light to your home is simply one way to show your appreciation of our veterans.

The “Green Light a Vet” movement has become more trendy every year! With more families in the military, there are more American’s to support! The color green represents the camouflaged jackets of the US military. You can use a green front porch light to bring attention to your past service, or the service of others!

Do you have a veteran in your family that you want to honor?

How You Can Support the Movement

The USAR Army website states, “Let us honor our veterans not only on November 11th but all year round!

Do so by changing one light to green in a visible location – on your porch, your home, or at your office- and keep it glowing every day as a symbol of appreciation and support for our veterans.

Then, to help share your support, take a picture of your green light and post it using the hashtag #greenlightavet. You can learn more by researching the “Greenlight A Vet campaign.”

This movement is a great way to show your respect for our military, and who knows– it might even make a few of your neighbor’s day! What are you waiting for? Go support a vet!

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The Blue Porch Light

Blue Porch Light

On December 18, 2020, The United Nations General Assembly voted to make April 2nd “World Autism Awareness Day.” Soon after, the organization Autism Speaks started the “Light it Up Blue” movement. The goal of this movement is to increase the acceptance of people with autism while creating a community of kindness, empathy, and compassion.

How to Get Involved

You can engage with the Kindness Campaign! Details on their page include:

Start by visiting autismspeaks.org/kindness where you can– complete an act of kindness virtually or in your home and take the online pledge. Then, sign up to host a Kindness Break to spread kindness virtually in the community while raising crucial funds to fuel the mission.

Lastly, access resources to make sharing kindness easy. Or, access tools to advocate with and for people with autism in local communities.

Other ways to participate include wearing blue on April 2, lighting buildings blue, and exploring stories and photos shared by the diverse autism community. Take action and support Autism awareness!

Blue Porch Light as Police Appreciation

As of 2020, many police departments have come under scrutiny for officer-involved shootings around the nation. With every protest, there is always a counter-protest. Many people have added an American flag with a blue stripe to their porch, which honors the men and women who serve as police officers.

Furthermore, sheriffs in the US have asked their neighborhoods to add blue lights to support law enforcement. This movement has created recognition of police through “Project Blue Light” and other social methods.

If you want to show support for your local law enforcement, then add a single blue porch light to your home!

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The Purple Porch Light

Purple Porch Light

The “Purple Light Nights” movement is focused on bringing attention to domestic violence. The motto for the Purple Light Nights campaign is, “shine a light and save a life.”

Essentially, by adding a purple light to your porch you stand in solidarity with domestic violence victims. Your light is a way to say, “I support you, My home is a safe place, and domestic violence is not tolerated here.” Some victims of domestic violence also add a purple porch light to show that they were a victim and that anyone can be a victim of abuse.

Recently, the Purple Porch Project started gaining a lot of traction, and there are many fundraisers and ways to share your support!

Show your Support

My neighbors did a great job of supporting projects they believed in with their front porches. Additionally, they motivated me to donate to their cause. If you want to support as well, you can do so by adding a:

Red front porch light for American Heart Month Awareness

Green front porch light for Veterans’ Awareness

Blue front porch light for Autism Awareness, or Police Appreciation

Purple front porch light for Domestic Violence Awareness

Add the appropriate light bulb to your home and raise awareness! What porch light color does your house have?

Comment below and share your thoughts, opinions, ideas, and favorite projects!


    • Thank you for your authentic and important feedback! I did some research and can see quite a bit of the controversy with autism speaks, so thank you for giving me new insight. I would be happy to change the links on my site to a different Autism organization. Is there one you recommend?


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