Sage Green and Grey Living Room Decor

Four Sage Green and Grey Living Room Ideas

The color schemes we use in our homes often play a big part in the way people feel when they enter a given room.

For example, orange-based color schemes often make people feel energized. Purple rooms are great for drawing inspiration while being creative. Blue rooms tend to help with productivity when completing a task. And yellow rooms are known to make people feel cheerful. However, babies have been known to cry more in yellow rooms, so there is a bit of variation here.

The Benefits of a Sage Green and Grey Living Room

If you want a soothing color scheme that’ll help people relax when they visit, then sage green and grey are the colors for you. There are a few different options, but we think that sage-green-and-grey color schemes work fantastically in this way. Grey and green are complementary colors and go very well together. Since grey is a neutral color, sage green can really help bring some character to your space. Sage green and grey living rooms are modern, calming, and refreshing! So, in this post, we’ll share a few living room decoration ideas with you! Let’s help keep your guests calm and relaxed while visiting, shall we?

Sage Green and Grey Furniture

Sage Green and Grey Living Room

Grey furniture can add a certain sophistication to almost any room, no matter the color of the walls. As an accent in a sage green room, grey furniture can look both elegant and contemporary. Who says sophisticated has to mean stuffy and boring?

For example, choosing a grey clock to hang in your sage green and grey living room is a great way to add a little aesthetic “pop.” Picture it above your breakfast nook, desk, or television. With the many styles of clocks out there, it won’t be hard to find one that fits in perfectly with what you’ve envisioned.

And it doesn’t have to stop there!

Display some of the happiest moments of your life inside grey picture frames. You could also add a few grey shelves to your wall to hold your favorite books or trinkets.

Remember that vintage grey rug you bought a few years ago when you were on vacation? Yes, the one from the antique shop that you thought you’d never get to use. Well, pull it out of the closet and dust it off! Hanging it behind your sofa will add just the right amount of character to your living room.

When picking out furniture, looking for grey leather couches or chairs is definitely something worth considering. And if you want to mix it up a bit, try grey cushions or throw pillows against a wooden table or sage green couch. Your options truly are endless. Use this opportunity to express your creative side, and everything else should fall into place.

Sage Green and Grey Paint Schemes

While you’ve decided on a sage green and grey living room, you may not have figured out the paint scheme yet. And that’s okay! There are many ways to achieve the aesthetic you’re desiring when painting your walls.

Perhaps you want most of your walls to be white or an eggshell color while having a sage green or grey accent wall. As seen in this picture, that’s not so uncommon. And while many people don’t paint their ceilings, you might decide it’s best to.
The first thing you’ll want to do is pick the wall you’ll be accenting with your sage green or grey paint.

Skipping that wall, for now, decide on the lighter color for the other walls. You’ll probably want to leave your accent wall for your last step. By doing this, you’ll be avoiding the hassle of cleaning the lighter paint from your beautifully painted sage green or grey wall.

Painting the ceiling along with the walls is a way to ensure all the colors are coordinated the way you’ve pictured them. Is it a little more work? Sure. But you will have a finished product worth admiring. Putting in a little more effort now may give you much more time to enjoy your living room down the road.

One thing to keep in mind is how you want your furniture to compliment your walls. For instance, if you’ve decided on a sage green accent wall, you may want to choose grey furniture. Or vice versa. As I stated before, what you hang on your walls can also be considered when deciding on your paint scheme.

Sage Green and Grey Window Treatments

So, you’ve decided on the color of your accent wall. The paint is applied and dried. You’re ready to move in your furniture. You plop down on the couch, kick up your feet, and take a look around. It’s then that you realize you haven’t thought about your window treatments.

Fortunately, this is one of the easiest additions to your new sage green and grey living room. When you look around your living room, which color stands out the most? Perhaps you went a little heavy with the sage green when buying your couch or throw pillows. Or maybe the room isn’t looking as bright as you’d like.

In that case, adding light grey curtains to your windows would work terrifically. And it’s OK if the greys in the room aren’t the same shade.

Mixing shades adds depth and visual interest.

If you decide that you want blinds behind the curtains, that’s great, too! You may want to go with a white set of blinds to avoid distracting from your color scheme. White goes so well with any color scheme; it’s almost a sure bet it’ll look great behind the scenes.

Sage Green and Grey Carpets and Rugs

If you’re like me, you fall madly in love every time you walk into a room with hardwood flooring. There’s something about the way it feels under your feet. And then there’s the way it looks! It can make any room look so much cozier and cleaner.

When you see a room with hardwood flooring, you’ll often see a beautiful area rug in the center of the room. This rug will be the centerpiece of your living room. Picking out your area rug is your time to show off your personality. How are you going to tie the room together? This is your “make it or break it” moment.

You may want a shag rug that your bare toes sink into when you glide across it. And shag carpets are becoming popular again, so this would keep your home looking contemporary. Maybe you want a wool rug or a silk rug. Perhaps you’re cuckoo for cotton, and you’ve already had your eye on a beautiful cotton rug.

Whatever rug you pick, and whatever shape you choose, make it about you. Let it tell everyone who you are. Area rugs are easily interchangeable, but who wants to pay for two rugs when only one will be used? Look at your color scheme. Look at many rugs. Not unlike a breathtaking piece of art, you will know when you see the rug that calls to you.

Since hardwood floors aren’t for everyone, deciding on what carpet will be used is even more important than deciding on an area rug. Installing carpet is a little pricier and takes longer to install. Fortunately, there are many options to choose from when picking out your carpet.

No matter the color you’ve chosen to paint your accent wall in your sage green and grey living room, you may want to consider a light grey carpet. A warm beige would also look great with this color scheme. It doesn’t pull your guests’ eyes away from the sage green or the grey furniture and accents. In fact, because it’s so unintrusive, it will likely assist in adding to that “pop” you’re wanting.

When it comes to the color of your carpet, sometimes less is more. So, no need to try to be flashy with it. Choose a simple color that ties everything together, and let the room do the rest of the talking.

Create Your Dream Living Room!

Sage Green and Grey Living Room Decor

As you can likely tell after checking out those photos, sage green and grey living room color schemes are often a great choice for homeowners interested in redecorating their house. Not only do these colors work remarkably well together, but they also help provide the soothing feeling we discussed earlier.

For that matter, sage green and grey are a fairly modern color scheme. Going in this direction means you’ll be keeping your home look fresh. Say “so long” to the dreaded dated look, so many other color combos create.

Have you used sage green and grey living room ideas in your home? We’d love to hear about them! Let us know how you used these colors and share any tips or tricks you learned in the process! Or, if you prefer, check out some other colorful living room ideas!

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