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Spoiled Kitty: The Best Unique Cat Furniture

Cats have the unparalleled ability to make any house feel like a home. Each with their special quirks and unique personality, I highly recommend living life alongside one (or two, or three). If a feline friend is a part of your family, you’ll want to make your home a comfortable place for it to live. This means that when outfitting your new home, you’ll need to keep in mind furnishings for your fluffy friend.

The trouble is, cat furniture is not exactly easy on the eyes. The first thing that comes to mind, for instance, is ugly, beige-carpeted towers that stick out like a sore thumb in any design style. Many cat owners have come to accept this as something that comes with the territory to keep their cats happy. All in all, there’s nothing wrong with it, but it certainly doesn’t do favors for an interior aesthetic.

The good news? It doesn’t have to be this way. We’ve discovered pieces that blend more seamlessly into any home’s design. That’s right, folks, it’s 2021: Cats are hip and this type of unique cat furniture exists

Modern Furniture For Cats

How does unique cat furniture benefit cats?

Here are a few important benefits of cat furniture:

● Encourages exercise and mental stimulation.
● Allows cats to feel safe, having a place of their own.
● Provides an appropriate scratching outlet.

While it’s true that cats sleep a lot (an average of 15 hours a day!), they still need exercise to stay healthy and happy. Cat furniture like cat trees encourages cats to climb and play while scratching posts and cat shelves allow cats to express natural behavior constructively.

Cat furniture is essential for keeping indoor cats stimulated in a smaller home. If you’re bringing home a new kitten or cat, providing furniture in a special place meant just for it will help it to acclimate in no time.

Cat Trees

If you’ve owned a cat for any amount of time, you’ve probably noticed that cats seek out high places to rest and investigate. In doing so, they’re able to survey their surroundings from a place of security.

Cat trees are especially important for cats who share a home with other pets or children. They help keep a cat feeling happy and safe by providing a place of escape.

When buying a cat tree, be on the lookout for products that incorporate perching spots and scratching posts. Also, make sure you choose one that’s sturdy and tall enough to meet your cat’s needs.

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The Vesper Cat Tree is a great option if you’re looking for a more modern-looking cat tree. There are multiple sizes available to meet your space requirements.

Its surface is wood instead of the traditional cat tower carpet. This means it is significantly easier to clean, no vacuum necessary. Simply remove the memory foam cushions, wipe down the platforms, and you’re done. With three finishes, (black, oak, walnut) there’s something for every house.

Not only does it look great, but it’s something your cats will use and love. With two perching platforms and sea-grass-covered pillars, your kitty will spend its days happily lounging and scratching.

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Standing at 63 inches tall with a curved design, this tree is visually interesting, sturdy, and perfect for climbing. If you’re looking for a functional cat tree that makes a statement, this is it.

Not to mention, with six platforms, this piece would be a great pick for any multi-cat household. The pads are removable for easy cleaning and sisal columns go up the sides for scratching and climbing.

Last, but not least, it features a nifty hammock basket for your cat to relax and enjoy the good life.

Scratching Furniture

A scratching post is arguably the most important piece of cat furniture. It provides an appropriate outlet for cats’ natural scratching behaviors. After all, cats don’t claw up furniture in protest, just to make you mad.

When a cat scratches or claws at something, it’s marking its territory with scent, exercising its muscles, and shedding the outer layer of its claws.

In general, a good scratching post is tall enough for a cat to stretch out, is sturdy, and made out of durable material like sisal or jute. If it’s high-quality, it can last a year or so.

As far as the number of scratching posts to provide, it’s a good idea to have at least a few spread around your home so your cat always has an appropriate scratching opportunity nearby. You can encourage your cat to use its scratching post by spraying the material with catnip and rewarding your cat with treats (a little applause can’t hurt, either.)

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This scratching post is the real deal for serious scratchers. Its wide wooden base offers maximum stability and its height of 36 inches means cats can enjoy a nice full-body stretch.

It’s tightly wrapped in woven sisal and, to top it all off, it looks great in any space. The ash and walnut veneer options look and feel high quality, so they’ll blend right into your thoughtfully designed living space.

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Some cats love a good, old-fashioned scratching post. Others just can’t shake the forbidden allure of carpet. This sisal scratching mat is a great alternative. Unlike carpet, it offers cats the thrill of destruction, but without the consequence. I love that it looks like a mini jute rug.

All it usually takes to get your cat to stop clawing the carpet is to pick it up and place it on the mat each time it starts scratching. Eventually, it will begin to seek out the mat instead.

Cat Beds

Cats are pro-level snoozers. Sure, they have an uncanny ability for sleeping just about anywhere, but they still deserve a special resting spot to call their own.

Cat beds should be comfortable and, ideally, machine washable or easy to vacuum. Place your cat’s bed in a safe area where your cat can feel included in family time.

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Tuft and Paw make some downright chic cat furniture. This stylish orb rests on a simple brass frame and is the perfect escape for your cat to escape. The “breathable sphere” comes with a soft faux fur blanket for extra comfort. In other words, this is going to be your cat’s new favorite spot.

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Unique cat furniture pieces like this Critter Sitter cat stool and bed are my favorite. This bed is functional and oh-so-cute. If you are an animal lover, then you will love all the fun and adorable cat bed options from this company. The only problem is, you’ll probably find yourself wishing it came in human-size.

Cat Shelves

We already know cats love high places. It not only helps them feel secure but satisfies their natural curiosity (and gives them a feeling of superiority.). Ever find your cat on the top of the refrigerator or kitchen cabinets? On top of your tallest dresser? As it turns out, providing designated catwalk shelves may be the trick to keeping your cats out of these strange places. Or rather, it might cut back on it enough to help you stop flinching whenever you reach in the fridge for a drink.

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Make use of your vertical wall space with this super cute cat hammock. It comes with two peg steps that your cat can use to climb. Conveniently, the climbing steps are wrapped in natural jute, which makes for easy gripping and scratching.

The hammock is padded and machine-washable and can support larger cats, too. In fact, one reviewer noted that it is sturdy enough for their 16-pound cat.

The neutral colors give it a simple look, so it won’t look tacky mounted in heavily used living space. All things considered, this will probably be the best purchase you can make for an active and curious cat.

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Another unexpected, but totally genius piece of unique cat furniture. This wooden cat bridge is easily assembled and comes in three finishes. It’s not only fun for your cats, but is fun to look at and adds some major visual interest. It looks seamless on the wall, as the brackets are hidden for a floating effect.

Litter Box Furniture

Another often underrated category of cat furniture. If your home is smaller and you have no choice but to keep the litter in a main living area, it might as well look great. This furniture helps camouflage an otherwise unsightly litter box situation. As a result, your living room’s biggest eyesore can become one of its best assets! (Yeah, ok, that might be taking it a little far, but it will certainly help.)

A litter box house should be stable enough for your cat to feel secure while using it. You also want to have easy access to cleaning.

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When it comes to litter box furniture, this is about as discreet as it gets. This Penn-Plax cabinet is simple, modern, and easy to use. A round hole on the side gives easy access to cats. When it’s time to clean, you can reach the box by opening the front doors.

Furthermore, this piece can double as a cat lounging area if you decide to store the litter box somewhere else.

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This litter box cover doubles as a stylish piece of furniture. It would look great in a traditional, contemporary, or farmhouse design. Not only will it function well for your cat, but it works as a side table, too. There’s plenty of space on top for everyday use.

Just like the Penn-Plax piece, there are two doors at the front for you to access the box, while the cat has access through the sneaky side entrance.

Happy Cat = Happy Home

Your cat might not show immediate interest in any of these new pieces at first. In true feline fashion, they’ll probably sniff around them for a couple of weeks only to eventually decide they’re obsessed and spend all of their time there.

To speed this up, wash any bedding or padding that’s washer safe to eliminate any factory smells. You can also try placing any cushions or blankets already containing your cat’s scent on the furniture. Catnip spray can help pique interest too.

In the end, interacting with your cat, engaging it in play, and providing unique cat furniture are some of the best ways to ensure a happy and healthy life for your cat.

Spoiled Kitty Unique Cat Furniture

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