Unique Wallpaper

Using Unique Wallpaper to Make Your House a Home

Unique Wallpaper

One of the most enjoyable things about homeownership is getting the chance to transform your new house into the home of your dreams. The only limitations are your imagination and budget. And fortunately, there are a number of budget-friendly ways you can decorate your home to suit your personality.


One of the best ways to revamp the décor of a home is by updating the wall treatments. And there are few easier, more budget-friendly ways to do that than to install new, unique wallpaper in the home. You won’t need any specialized knowledge, experience, or skill to do so, and it’s also a pretty quick project to complete, too! Below, we’ll explain a few nifty ways to use wallpaper and share some of our favorite wallpaper patterns you may want to consider.

Use Wallpaper with Vertical Stripes to Accentuate High Ceilings

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Many of us are in awe when we walk into someone’s home to find jaw-dropping high ceilings. If you are fortunate enough to have high ceilings in your home, you can accentuate them with vertical striped wallpaper. This type of wallpaper not only looks modern, but it will lead your guests’ eyes from the floor all the way up to your beautiful ceilings. After all, those high ceilings were a selling point when you bought your home, correct? So, why not find ways to show them off?


QIHANG Modern Minimalist Wallpaper is a contemporary and fashionable choice for updating your home and drawing attention to your high ceilings. Unlike some wallpaper, this is not pasted, so you’ll want to make sure to purchase a wall covering adhesive to apply it. With your adhesive, all you’ll need is a pasting brush and wall covering smoothing tool, and you’re ready for your wallpaper transformation to begin! Remember to take your time to ensure you’ve applied it correctly, and then enjoy the ooh’s and aah’s from your guests as they enter your home.

Use Busy Wallpaper Patterns in High-Traffic Areas to Hide Blemishes

Unique Wallpaper Plants

Oftentimes, when we first buy our homes, our eyes might gloss over tiny imperfections. We overlook these imperfections because while we’re making such a big decision on which home to purchase, those teeny tiny blemishes seem insignificant. So, we move in all of our belongings, plop down on the sofa, have that inner monologue with ourselves about why it’s perfectly okay to procrastinate rather than unpack immediately, and then – gasp!


“Are those marks and dents on the walls?”


Suddenly, those imperfections don’t seem so insignificant.


But it’s okay! You have already decided to wallpaper your new home. Now all you have to do is pick out the pattern. Any wallpaper will cover up existing marks on a wall, but picking a busy pattern will help disguise some of the dents underneath it.


While there are many different busy patterns you can choose from, Hygge &West’s Ebony Snow Wallpaper is one that would look stunning throughout your home. It will keep your décor current, and no one will even know there were any blemishes to hide to begin with! As if that weren’t enough reason to purchase this wallpaper, if you have children in your home, you already know that it’s not far-fetched that at some point, they will pick up a marker or crayon and create “art” all over your new wallpaper.


Have no fear! Some warm water and a dab of Castile Soap will help restore your wallpaper back to the way it was before your little Picasso painted a masterpiece only a mother could love. And if you don’t have Castile soap laying around, you can also use mild dish soap in a pinch. Just make sure you’re delicate when cleaning it, and your wallpaper will stand the test of time.

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Use Unique Wallpaper Patterns from Earlier Eras to Create a Retro Aesthetic

When people hear the word “retro”, they often think “dated” or “out of style”. This is the case with many things starting, and not ending with, music, fashion, and of course, home décor.


But I have news for you! “retro” is back in! 


People are buying older homes because they love the outer aesthetic and character it adds to the home, not to mention, they can save money on purchasing an older home vs. a new home. Because of this trend, many of them are embracing the vintage feel that their home has to offer.


And they are taking it one step further.

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If you decide to go with a retro-style wallpaper, which you can find on Amazon, you will give your home that “throwback” feeling that will remind your older relatives and friends of their younger years. And while they’re reminiscing about their glory days, you will have successfully brought back a style that’s been long forgotten.

If you live in a newer home, there’s no reason you can’t participate in this trend. With new housing architecture becoming more of an art form, builders are now often leaving plenty of room for personal creativity inside of the homes. So, embrace the good ol’ days, pick out a fun wallpaper pattern, and design a funky town of your very own.

Use Kid-Themed Wallpaper Patterns to Get Your Kids Excited about the New Home

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From time to time, children end up being less than enthusiastic about moving to a new house. But by letting them help you pick out new wallpaper for their rooms, you can often turn their negative attitudes around. And let them be creative! There is no shortage of great child-friendly wallpaper patterns your kids may love.


For example, we think Hygge & West’s Mighty Wallpaper would be the perfect choice for your little nature-lover. Covered in lions, meerkats, and other critters, this pattern is unique and adorable, while still being somewhat refined. And best of all, it’s available in two different neutral colors, so it shouldn’t be hard to match with linens and window treatments.

Use Two Different Wallpaper Patterns Side-by-Side to Accent Rooms

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One of the neatest ways to use wallpaper is by installing two different types alongside each other (or, one above the other). You can install molding along the junction of the two wallpapers to help provide more definition and help cover up any minor imperfections along the edges, but you can also just install the papers side-by-side without using molding. Just be sure to take your time and layout the lines as perfectly as you can (a simple chalk line will make this easier).


But when you’re placing two different wallpapers side-by-side, it’s usually a good idea to combine a busy pattern with a relatively simple pattern. For example, we think Hygge & West’s Strike Wallpaper Pattern (in Charcoal) would look fantastic alongside a simple plain white wallpaper from Amazon. Of course, the possibilities are endless when combining two different wallpapers.

Wallpaper Elegant

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to give your home a completely different feel and aesthetic by simply installing some unique wallpaper patterns. The project shouldn’t take you very long, it’ll be pretty gentle on your bank account, and – best of all – there are so many great patterns to choose from.


Be sure to share some of your favorite unique wallpaper designs, patterns, and concepts with us in the comments below! Your suggestions may even provide inspiration for other readers!

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